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Acer Motherboard Information

The easiest way of identifying the motherboard in a machine is from the BIOS string. This appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen on power up.

The BIOS version has to have the form ACR2FE00-I08-970328-R01-C0.

The position of the 2 characters (model id) after ACR (2F) and the 3 characters between the first - - (chip set - in the above example I08) determine the model name of the main board.

For more recent machines which don't have an ACR string, this information can be found in the "System Information" area of the system BIOS. The BIOS can be entered by pressing CTRL-ALT-ESC when prompted at power up. (If the machine has quiet boot mode enabled, the BIOS can be entered after the first audible beep using the key combination above).

If the machine will not boot other methods are required to identify the machine. The product name will reduce the scope of the search, the project no. or board part no. will uniquely identify the board. The information is located as follows -

  • Product Name - The description on the front of the machine.
  • Project No. - Can be found on the motherboard in white, normally along an edge.
  • Board Part No. Printed in black on a white label. Normally found on the riser card slot in a desktop machine or on the top card slot in a mini-tower or server machine.
MotherboardBIOS StringProject No.Board Part No.Products used inMore Info
A1   AcerPower 486Click here
A1G    Click here
A1G+    Click here
A1G4ACR6B  AcrosClick here
A1GXACR9994136-155.43201.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
A1GX-2ACR9994136-255.43201.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
J1   AcerPower 486eClick here
J3  91.49810.xxxAcerPower 9000 & AcerAltos 7000Click here
M11E   Acer Power PIIClick here
M3-EIDEACR8F  AcerPower, Power 590Click here
V6    Click here
V6G    Click here
V6L    Click here
V10    Click here
V12C    Click here
V12LCACR9C  Acros, Power, AspireClick here
V12LC-2XACR9C94143-255.56701.xxxAcros, Power, AspireClick here
V12P   Power 560Click here
V20ACR6D  AcerPowerClick here
V30ACR9A94137-155.53401.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
V30-2ACR9A  Acros, PowerClick here
V35ACR1B  PowerClick here
V35LA-N    Click here
V35NACR3596131-155.54701.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
V50LA    Click here
V50LA-NACR2295162-155.57101.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
V55-2ACR19  Acros, PowerClick here
V55LAACR2595155-155.57301.xxxAcros, Power, AspireClick here
V55LA-N    Click here
V55LA-N2    Click here
V55LA-2   AspireClick here
V55LA-2MACR4B95155-2 Acros, Power, AspireClick here
V56LAACR3096115-1X55.54201.xxxAcros, Power, AspireClick here
V58ACR63  EntraClick here
V58LAACR3396160-155.53201.xxxAcros, Power, AspireClick here
V58XA    Click here
V59LA 97145-155.34501.xxxAcros, Power, AspireClick here
V60NACR29  PowerClick here
V62X    Click here
V65LAACR 6797122-155.33601.xxxAcros, PowerClick here
V65MA   Acer Power PIIClick here
V65XACR6297115-1A55.38501.xxxAcros PIIClick here
V66LA   Acros, PowerClick here
V66M   Acer Power PIIClick here
V66M-2    Click here
V66MA   Acer Power PIIClick here
V66XA    Click here
V70MA   AspireClick here
V72MA   AspireClick here
V75M   AspireClick here
Z1+    Click here
2100   AspireClick here
3200   AspireClick here
6000   AspireClick here
6100   AspireClick here
6200   AspireClick here
6300   AspireClick here
6400   AspireClick here