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Acer V12P Motherboard

Jumper and Connector Layout

v12p board diagram

Note - The blackened pin of a jumper represents pin 1.

The system board has the following major features:

  • CPU: Pentium (P5) 60MHz or 66MHz
  • System Clock: Keyboard switchable system clock
  • RAM: Default 8MB expandable to 192MB. 6 SIMM sockets supports 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB 60NS & 70NS SIMMS.
  • Cache: 16KB internal cache. 256KB 2nd level cache, not upgradeable.
  • ROM: 128KB memory for system BIOS & SCSI BIOS
  • Video: ATI 68800AX PCI accelerator adaptor or other PCI accelerators
  • SCSI: Optional SCSI NCR 53C810 card to support 520MB, 1GB, & 524MB TAPE
  • FDD: Supports 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44 MB FDD
  • HDD: Embedded hard disk interface supports two IDE hard disks, NON-PCI BUS.
  • On-board I/O: Two serial ports, one parallel port, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse port
  • RTC: System clock/calendar with 128 bytes CMOS RAM Seven year battery life
  • Expansion slots: Five 16-bit ISA slots, three PCI local bus slots... One of Which is a Shared Slot.
  • SPS: 200W, 115V/230V switchable power supply for ID3P & IDT 250W, 115V/230V switchable power supply for IDU
  • BIOS: Acer system BIOS


PCI Interrupt BJP21-2IRQ 15
  3-4IRQ 14
PCI Interrupt CJP31-2IRQ 11
  3-4IRQ 15
PCI Interrupt DJP41-2IRQ 10
  3-4IRQ 15
Onboard ChipsetJP5CLOSED*Enabled M5105
  OPENDisabled M5105
Parallel PortJP6CLOSED*Bidirectional parallel port
  OPENUNIdirectional parallel port
Second-level CacheJP101-2*512-KB
Burst CacheJP13CLOSED*Burst SRAM cache
  OPENStandard SRAM cache
System SecurityJP111-2Password check
  2-3*Password bypass
 JP17CLOSED*Keylock bypass
  OPENKeylock check
Parity CheckJP7, JP81-2, 1-2*Disable parity check
  1-1, 2-2Enable parity check

Note - 1-1 means to close pin 1 of JP7 and pin 1 of JP8. 2-2 means to close pin 2 of JP7 and pin 2 of JP8


The system comes standard with 8-MB memory. You can upgrade the system memory by adding memory modules (SIMMs) into the SIMM sockets or by changing the SIMMs for a higher memory configuration. The system supports single and double density SIMMs: 4MB, 8MB, 16Mb, 32MB. Both 60NS and 70NS Fast Page Mode SIMMS are OK to use.

The V12P supports both parity and non-parity SIMMs, HOWEVER, you must change a jumper to support either. The system originally shipped with non-parity SIMMs. Note - Pentium systems require SIMMs to be installed in pairs.


The V12P ships with 256k write-back second-level cache, and is not upgradable.