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Acer V12C Motherboard

Jumper and Connector Layout

v12c board diagram

Note - The blackened pin of a jumper represents pin 1.

The system board has the following major features:

  • CPU: P54C-75/90/100MHZ, 3.3V
  • Chipset: 82434NX, 82433NX, 82378ZB
  • L2 Cache: 256KB, 3.3V SRAM
  • Memory: 4 SIMM Sockets, each supports 4MB ,8MB, 16MB, 32MB SIMMS
  • ROM: 128KB memory for system BIOS
  • Realtime Clock: System clock/calendar with 128Bytes CMOS RAM. Over 10 Yrs. of nonvolatile operation in the absence of power
  • On-Board I/O:
    • 2 Serial ports (NS16550 Compliant)
    • 1 Parallel port (Supports EPP,ECP)
    • 1 Keyboard/PS2 Mouse Port
  • FDD: Supports 2FDD'S (including 2.88MB)
  • HDD: Supports 2HDDS
  • Expansion: First,there is a total of 8 physical slots. Second, only 7 slots can be used sinultaneously because of the 5 ISA slots, one slot would be rendered unuseable id a PCI card is inserted into the #3 PCI slot. Conversly, even though there are 3 PCI slots, one of them would be unuseable (#3 position) if an ISA card is inserted into the ISA slot right next to the #3 PCI slot.

Note - There are three V12C CPU configurations: Pentium 75, 90, and 100. However, these are all different versions of the V12C motherboard. You cannot change the processor on a V12C.


JP41-2*Enable onboard Super I/0 SMC665
 2-3Disable onboard Super I/0 SMC665
JP51-2*Acer BIOS
JP61-2Enable password
 2-3*Disable password
JP81-2Connect DACK3# for ECP of 5MC665
 2-3Connect DACKl# for ECP of SMC665
JP121-2Connect DRQ3 for ECP of SMC665
 2-3Connect DRQl for ECP of SMC665
JP9ONEnable PS/2 mouse IRQ12
 OFFDisable PS/2 mouse IRQ12
JP181-2*60 MHz speed
 2-350 MHz speed
JP21ON*Enable P54C pipelined function
 OFFDisable P54C pipelined function
JP23ON*Disable keylock
 OFFEnable keylock
JP241-2CPU speed = 3/2 of the bus speed
 2-3CPU speed = 2 times the bus speed


You can upgrade the system memory by adding memory modules (SIMMs) into the SIMM sockets or by changing the SIMMs for a higher memory configuration. The system supports single- and double-density SIMMs: 4-MB, 8-MB, 16-MB and 32-MB upto a maximum of 128MB. Use only 70 ns or faster NON-parity Fast Page Mode SIMMs. The system board has two DRAM banks composed of two SIMM sockets each. Memory modules must be fitted in pairs.


The V12C ships with 256k write-back second-level cache and is not upgradable.