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Acer V10 Motherboard

Jumper and Connector Layout

v10 board diagram

Note - The blackened pin of a jumper represents pin 1.

The Motherboard is designed on a four-layer 220x310mm printed circuit board. All system chipsets, Glue Logic Chips and other components as listed below are on the Motherboard.

  • PQFP CPU -- FOR 80486SX AND 80486DX
  • PGA CPU -- Intel 80486SX, 80486DX, 80486DX2
  • System Control Chipset -- Acer M1419 A2
  • System Data Buffer Chipset -- Acer M1421
  • Video Chipset -- Cirrus Logic GD5424 OR GD5426
  • VESA VL-BUS Controller -- Two 16R6Bs and One 16LB PALs
  • System I/O Chipset -- Acer M5105 A4
  • EPA Chipset -- Acer M6357
  • Keyboard Controller -- 8042
  • Real Time Clock -- DS12885
  • Battery -- BR1225-IVC, 3.0V
  • System ROM -- 27010-15/28F010-15
  • System Cache Data -- 8K BY 8 AND 32K BY 8 20NS 28-PIN DIP SRAM
  • System Cache TAG -- 8K BY 8 28-PIN AND 16K BY 4 20NS 24-PIN DIP SRAM
  • Video DRAM -- 256K BY 16, 70NS IN SMD AND 256K BY 4, 70NS IN DIP
  • System SIMMS -- (4 SIMM Sockets)
    • 256K x 36BIT, 72 Pin 70ns, Single Sided
    • 1M x 36BIT, 72 Pin 70ns, Single Sided
    • 2M x 36BIT, 72 Pin 70ns, Double Sided
    • 4M x 32BIT, 72 Pin 70ns, Single Sided
  • Slot Connectors -- One 2R 98P ST D2.54MM
  • HDD Connector -- ML 2R39P ST D2.54 L7
  • FDD Connector -- ML 2R33P ST D2.54 L7
  • Parallel Port: Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional
  • COM1/2 -- ML 2R 9P RT HOOK GF
  • Feature Connector -- ML 2R26P ST D2.54MM
  • VGA Connector -- FML 3R 15P RT HOOK GF

Jumpers & Connectors


JP11-2Enable Password Check
 2-3Disable Password Check
JP31-2IRQ10 (SCSI IRQ Channel Select)
 2-3IRQ11 (SCSI IRQ Channel Select)
JP4/JP51-2/1-2Select SCSI DMA Channel 5
 2-3/2-3Select SCSI DMA Channel 6
JP6OPENSCSI I/O Address 340h - 35Fh
 CLOSEDSCSI I/O Address 140h - 15Fh
JP7OPENDisable On-board M5105 Function
 CLOSEDEnable On-board M5105 Function
JP8*OPENEnable Parallel Port Bi-Direction Function
 CLOSEEnable Parallel Port Bi-Direction Function
JP9OPENUse External Battery Connector
 CLOSEUse On-board Battery
JP101-620MHZ CPU Speed
 2-725MHZ CPU Speed
 3-833MHZ CPU Speed
 4-940MHZ CPU Speed
 5-1050MHZ CPU Speed
JP11OPENZero Wait Write Cycle for Vesa
 CLOSEOne Wait Write Cycle for Vesa
JP151-2Enable On-board 4MB Dram
 2-3Disable On-board 4MB Dram
JP23OPENDisable Reset Button Function
 CLOSEEnable Reset Button Function
JP24OPENEnable Keylock Function
 CLOSEDisable Keylock Function

* Note: This system uses the older 5105 chip set and therefore does not support a wide variety of applications that use a bi-directional mode. There is no work around and eaccording to Acer applications will either work or they won't.


J1AT Keyboard Connector
JX1PS/2 Keyboard Connector
JX2PS/2 Mouse Connector
J3External Battery
J4VGA Control For EPA
J6SCSI Connector
J7FDD Connector
J8IDE HDD Connector
J9Fan Power
J10LED Board
J11PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse
P01Power Connector
PT1Parallel Port Connector
COM1COM1 Port Connector
COM2COM2 Port Connector


The system comes standard with 4MB of memory on-board and four empty 72-pin SIMM sockets. The on-board memory is the same as having 4MB of memory in Bank 0, so if the 4MBs of onboard memory is enabled DO NOT put any SIMMs in Bank 0. The board accepts 4-/16-MB Simms, recommend 72 Pin, 70ns, Parity, Fast Page Mode SIMMS with gold tips upto a maximum of 64MB . NOTE: The V10 shipped with parity SIMMs, but you can use non-parity as long as they are all non-parity.


The V10 is upgradable to 64KB, 128KB, or 256KB Cache.

 Cache Sizes
Cache Socket64KB128KB X 8256KB X 8
U59 (TAG)*32KB X 832KB X 832KB X 8
U60,U62,U79,U818KB X 832KB X 832KB X 8
U61,U63,U80,U828KB X 8N/A32KB X 8

*In most cases the TAG chip is soldered down. Some systems may have an empty socket.

Use ONLY 20ns Chips

Cache SizeJP20JP21JP22