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Acer V58XA Motherboard

Jumper and Connector Layout

v58x board diagram

Note - The blackened pin of a jumper represents pin 1.

CPU Jumper Settings

Pentium P-166Open2-32-3, 5-6Clsd1-33-4, 5-61-3, 2-4
Pentium P-200Open2-32-3, 4-5Clsd1-33-4, 5-61-3, 2-4
Pentium 166 MMXClsd2-32-3, 5-6Open2-43-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
Pentium 200 MMXClsd2-32-3, 4-5Open2-43-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
Pentium 233 MMXClsd2-31-2, 4-5Open2-43-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
Cyrix 6x86L PR166+Clsd2-31-2, 5-6Open2-43-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
Cyrix 6x86L PR200+Clsd2-31-2, 5-6Open2-41-3, 2-43-5, 4-6
Cyrix 6x86MX PR166+Clsd2-31-2, 5-6Open4-63-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
AMD K6 PR166Clsd2-32-3, 5-6Open4-63-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
AMD K6 PR200Clsd2-32-3, 4-5Open4-63-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
AMD K6 PR233Clsd2-31-2, 4-5Open7-83-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
for PCB number: 97114-2:
AMD K6 PR266Clsd1-21-2, 5-6Open3-53-5, 4-61-3, 2-4
AMD K6 PR300Clsd1-22-3, 5-6Open3-53-5, 4-61-3, 2-4

Jumper Settings

JPX2 - BIOS Logo Setting1-2Acer BIOS
JP9 - Password Security1-2Check Password
 2-3Bypass Password

Connector Functions

CN1 (lower)PS/2 Connector - Keyboard
CN1 (upper)PS/2 Connector - Mouse
CN2Modem/Voice-in Connector
CN3Universal Serial Bus (USB)
CN4Video Out
CN4 (upper)Printer Port
CN4 (lower)Serial Port
CN5 (upper)MIDI/Game Port
CN5 (lower)Line Out/Line In/ Mic.
CN6CD Audio Connector
CN8ATI Media Connector (AMC)
CN9Modem ring-in / wake up
CN10Secondary IDE Channel
CN12Hard Disk Drive LED
CN13Primary IDE Channel
CN14Power/Suspend Switch Conn.
CN15Standby Power Connector
CN16Floppy Diskette Connector
CN17Power LED Connector
CN19System Board Power Connector
FN1Processor Fan Connector


The system memory is upgradable to a maximum of 256MB via two DIMM sockets on board. These DIMM sockets accept 32MB, 3.3V or 5V DRAM modules in capacities of 8-, 16-, 32, 64 and 128MB. It supports ECC and Parity features for DRAM. This motherboard accepts Fast Page Mode, EDO, and SDRAM DIMMs.


The Cache Memory for the V58XA Motherboard is 256k or 512k (dependant on the system model) is soldered on and not upgradeable.

Enabling USB

To enable the USB ports follow these steps:

  • To access the CMOS Setup Utility

    Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Esc] early in the boot-up process, after the first beep but before the operating system loads. It may be necessary to hold down the [Ctrl] + [Alt] keys while repeatedly tapping the [Esc] key in order to get the timing right.

  • Select Onboard Peripheral Configuration
  • Page down to Page 2
  • Change USB Host Controller to [Enabled]
  • Save and Exit the Setup Utility

How do I access my BIOS?

Resolution: You can access the BIOS by pressing CTRL+ALT+ESC as the system is booting. At the bottom of the second start up screen you should see "To enter setup, press CTRL_ALT_ESC".

Note: If the system displays the Acer Splash Screen, once you hear the beep, you should begin pressing CTRL+ALT+ESC. You may need to press CTRL+ALT+ESC continuously until you access the BIOS setup screen.