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Desktop PC Specification Chart

Pentium 4 and later models

Click here for info on Pentium III and earlier models

AMD Systems

ModelProcessorRAM (MB)HDD (GB) 
TC40028450 Triple-core2GB320More Info
T9300Athlon 64 3400+5122x120More Info
T9002aAthlon 64 3400+512200More Info
T9002Athlon 64 3400+512200More Info
SE1101Sempron 1402GB320More Info
PTG9003Phenom 86002GB320More Info
PQG9002Phenom 91504GB640More Info
PQD6002Phenom 95504GB500More Info
PQD5002Phenom 95504GB500More Info
PQD4003Phenom 95504GB500More Info
MC3020Athlon XP 3000+512160More Info
CPQ9104Phenom 96504GB640More Info
CPD1303Phenom II X24GB500More Info
CPD1301Phenom II X24GB500More Info
CD40028540 Triple-core2GB320More Info
CBE1401Phenom II X24GB750More Info
AIO-101X2 3250e4GB160More Info
8802Athlon 1Ghz12840More Info
8772Athlon 850Mhz--More Info
8771Athlon 700Mhz12820More Info
8202Athlon 1100Ghz12860More Info
8201Athlon 1.1 Ghz25660More Info
8104Athlon 1.4 Ghz12860More Info
3959Athlon 1.4Ghz25640More Info
3935Athlon 1.0Ghz128 More Info
3905Athlon 1.0Ghz12820More Info
3808Athlon XP 1800+25660More Info
3618aAthlon 64 3400+5122x250More Info
3618Athlon 64 3200+5122x160More Info
3617Athlon 64 3200+5122x160More Info
3616Athlon XP 3200+512200More Info
3602Athlon 1.1 Ghz12840More Info
3515Athlon XP 3000+512120More Info
3501Athlon 1.0 GHz12830More Info
3419aAthlon 64 3400+5122x160More Info
3419Athlon 64 3400+5122x160More Info
3410Athlon XP 2200+51280More Info
3404Athlon 1.3 Ghz12830More Info
3403Athlon 1.2 Ghz12840More Info
3317aAthlon XP 3000+512120More Info
3317Athlon XP 3000+512120More Info
3309Athlon 2100+51280More Info
3304Athlon 1.2Ghz12840More Info
3302Athlon 1GHz12820More Info
3218Athlon XP 3000+512120More Info
3214Athlon XP 2600+512120More Info
3213Athlon XP 2400+512120More Info
3212Athlon XP 2400+512120More Info
3211Athlon 2200+25640More Info
3208Athlon XP 2000+25640More Info
3203Athlon 1.0Ghz6430More Info
3202Athlon 850 Mhz6420More Info
3201Athlon 750 Mhz6415More Info
3115Athlon XP 2600+51260More Info
3110Athlon XP 2100+51280More Info
3104Athlon 1Ghz12820More Info
3103Duron 800Mhz12820More Info
3102Duron 800Mhz6420More Info
3101Duron 700Mhz6415More Info
3070Athlon 900Mhz12830More Info
3062Athlon 700Mhz12830More Info
3059Athlon 750/800Mhz12820More Info
3058Athlon 750Mhz12820More Info
3057Athlon 600Mhz64-More Info
3056aAthlon 550Mhz12813More Info
2005Athlon XP 3000+51280More Info

Intel Systems

ModelProcessorRAMHDD (GB) 
T9610Quad Q66003GB250More Info
T9609Quad Q66002GB320More Info
T9608Duo 2.20Ghz1GB250More Info
T9509Quad Q66002GB320More Info
T9508Duo 2.00Ghz2GB250More Info
T9505 MCE3.2Ghz2GB2x200More Info
T95043.2Ghz2GB2x160More Info
T9409Duo 1.86Ghz1GB320More Info
T9408Duo 1.80Ghz1GB320More Info
T94053.4Ghz2GB2x250More Info
T94043.4Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T94033.8Ghz2GB2x250More Info
T94023.8Ghz1GB2x250More Info
T94013.6Ghz1GB2x250More Info
T94003.4Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T9317Duo 1.86Ghz1GB250More Info
T9308Duo 1.80Ghz1GB250More Info
T9307Duo 1.86Ghz1GB320More Info
T93063.4Ghz2GB360More Info
T9305 MCE3.0Ghz1GB250More Info
T93043.2Ghz1GB300More Info
T93033.8Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T93023.6Ghz1GB2x250More Info
T93013.4Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T9217Duo 1.86Ghz1GB160More Info
T92083.4Ghz1GB2x250More Info
T9207a2.8Ghz1GB250More Info
T92072.8Ghz1GB250More Info
T9206 MCE3.06Ghz512250More Info
T92043.2Ghz1GB250More Info
T92033.6Ghz512MB2x250More Info
T92023.4Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T92013.4EGhz512250More Info
T92003.4Ghz512200More Info
T91072.8Ghz1GB250More Info
T9106 MCE3.0Ghz512250More Info
T91043.0Ghz1GB200More Info
T91033.4Ghz1GB2x160More Info
T91023.4Ghz512250More Info
T91013.2Ghz512200More Info
T91003.2EGhz512160More Info
T90042.93Ghz1GB160More Info
T90033.2Ghz512250More Info
T90013.0Ghz512120More Info
T90003.0EGhz512120More Info
T2003.4Ghz1GB300More Info
T1003.2Ghz512250More Info
T123.4EGhz512250More Info
T113.4Ghz512250More Info
T93.0Ghz512120More Info
T82.8Ghz1GB2x200More Info
T23.2Ghz512250More Info
T13.2Ghz512250More Info
SQ-9204Quad Q83004GB320More Info
SE2104Dual-Core E57002GB1000More Info
SE2102Dual-Core E54003GB640More Info
SE2101Dual-Core E54003GB640More Info
SC-9104Dual-Core E32002GB160More Info
QC8003Quad Q82008GB1000More Info
QC7003Quad Q82006GB750More Info
QC6003Quad Q82006GB640More Info
QC5003Quad Q82003GB500More Info
QC4001Quad Q66003GB320More Info
MT18042.2Ghz3GB320More Info
MT222.2Ghz3GB640More Info
MC30402.93Ghz512160More Info
MC30352.80Ghz512160More Info
MC30302.80Ghz512160More Info
MC30102.66Ghz512160More Info
GX9200Quad QX67002GB2x400More Info
GX90003.2Ghz2GB400More Info
FP9005B2.7Ghz2GB320More Info
FP90042.6Ghz2GB320More Info
FP31043.2Ghz4GB1000More Info
ECODUO T52502GB160More Info
DT4103Core i3-32408GB1000More Info
DT4102Pentium G20304GB1000More Info
DT3415Core i7-37708GB2000More Info
DT3411Core i3-32408GB2000More Info
DT2412Core i7-377016GB2000More Info
DT2410Core i5-33308GB2000More Info
DT2315Core i7-377016GB3000More Info
DT2313Core i7-377012GB2000More Info
DT2312Core i7-37704GB1000More Info
DT2305Core i3-21204GB500More Info
DT2304Pentium G6308GB500More Info
DT2216Core i7-377016GB2000More Info
DT2213Core i7-26008GB2000More Info
DT2204Dual Core G6306GB1000More Info
DT2111bCore i5-23208GB2000More Info
DT2111Core i5-23208GB2000More Info
DT2110Core i5-23208GB1000More Info
DT1413Core i7-26008GB2000More Info
DT1412Core i7-26008GB2000More Info
DT1411Core i5-23208GB1500More Info
DT1410Core i5-23206GB1500More Info
DT14042.6GHz4GB1000More Info
DT1313Core i7-26008GB2000More Info
DT1310bCore i5-23108GB1500More Info
DT1308Core i5-23103GB1000More Info
DHEX22Duo T23001GB100More Info
DHE20003.0Ghz1GB250More Info
DHE10003.0Ghz1GB250More Info
DHE5002.8Ghz512200More Info
DA2207Core i3-21208GB2000More Info
CQ9204Quad Q83006GB1000More Info
Ci7431Core i7-8606GB750More Info
Ci5431Core i5-7504GB640More Info
Ci5231Core i5-6504GB500More Info
AIO-200Quad Q82002GB500More Info
AIO-156N2701GB160More Info
AIO-100BN2701GB160More Info
AIO-100N2701GB160More Info
83021.5Ghz25680More Info
82041.7Ghz12861More Info
82031.5Ghz25680More Info
81031.3Ghz25660More Info
39241.3Ghz12840More Info
39141.3Ghz12810More Info
39061.3Ghz12820More Info
38022.0Ghz25660More Info
38012.0Ghz12840More Info
37071.8Ghz25640More Info
37021.4Ghz12820More Info
36072.2Ghz51280More Info
36041.7Ghz12840More Info
35193.4Ghz1024250More Info
35183.12Ghz1GB2x160More Info
3517a3.12Ghz1GB200More Info
35173.12Ghz1GB200More Info
35163.06Ghz512160More Info
35123.0Ghz512120More Info
35112.80Ghz512120More Info
35102.53Ghz51280More Info
35092.4Ghz51280More Info
35082.2Ghz51260More Info
35071.8Ghz25680More Info
35062.0Ghz51260More Info
35051.7Ghz25660More Info
35041.4Ghz25640More Info
3503 CDRW1.3Ghz12840More Info
35031.3Ghz12840More Info
34183.2Ghz512200More Info
34173.2Ghz512160More Info
34162.8Ghz512120More Info
34153.06Ghz51280More Info
34122.8Ghz512120More Info
34112.66Ghz51280More Info
34092.2Ghz38440More Info
3408a2.0Ghz51280More Info
34082.0Ghz51240More Info
34072.0Ghz51280More Info
34062.0Ghz25640More Info
34051.4Ghz12840More Info
3319a3.2Ghz512200More Info
33193.2Ghz512200More Info
33163.06Ghz51280More Info
33152.8Ghz51280More Info
33122.66Ghz51280More Info
33112.66Ghz25660More Info
33102.2Ghz51280More Info
33081.9Ghz25640More Info
33072.0Ghz25640More Info
33061.8Ghz51260More Info
32193.2Ghz512120More Info
3217a3.06Ghz51280More Info
32173.06Ghz51280More Info
32162.8Ghz51280More Info
32152.66Ghz512120More Info
32092.0Ghz25640More Info
32071.9Ghz25640More Info
32061.8Ghz25640More Info
3205a-128-More Info
32051.7Ghz12840More Info
3119a3.0EGhz51280More Info
31193.06Ghz51280More Info
31183.06Ghz512120More Info
31172.8Ghz51280More Info
31122.53AGhz51260More Info
31112.53Ghz51240More Info
31091.9Ghz25640More Info
31071.8Ghz25640More Info
31061.7Ghz25640More Info
31051.4Ghz12840More Info
20042.8Ghz25640More Info
20032.5Ghz25640More Info
20012.40Ghz25640More Info
20002.0Ghz25640More Info