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Laptop Specification Chart

Pentium 4 and later models

Click here for details on the Pentium III and earlier models

Verona SUCeleron SU230013.32GB250More Info
Verona PPentium SU270013.33GB250More Info
VeronaCeleron 74313.33GB250More Info
Torino Z200Celeron N2815 1.86GHz15.68GB1000More Info
Torino Z100Celeron N2815 1.86GHz15.62GB320More Info
Torino X700Core i5-3337U 1.8GHz15.64GB500More Info
Torino X600Core i3-3227U 1.9GHz15.68GB1000More Info
Torino X500Core i3-3227U 1.9GHz15.62GB320More Info
Torino X400Pentium 2117U 1.8GHz15.64GB320More Info
Torino X200Celeron 1017U 1.6GHz15.64GB1000More Info
Torino X100Celeron 1017U 1.6GHz15.68GB320More Info
TactoCeleron 1017U 1.6GHz11.64GB500More Info
Sienna 710Core i7-620M 2.66GHz15.64GB320More Info
Sienna 700Core i7-620M 2.66GHz15.64GB250More Info
Sienna 510Core i5-430M 2.26GHz15.63GB320More Info
Sienna 500Core i5-430M 2.26GHz15.63GB250More Info
Sienna 300Core i3-330M 2.13GHz15.62GB250More Info
Roma 4001Celeron T440015.64GB500More Info
Roma 3001Celeron T310015.64GB250More Info
Roma 3000Dual-Core T430015.64GB500More Info
Roma 2001Dual-Core T310015.63GB320More Info
Roma 2000Celeron C90015.63GB320More Info
Roma 1001Celeron C90015.62GB320More Info
Roma 1000Celeron C90015.63GB160More Info
RomaCeleron C90015.63GB250More Info
Quantum Q200Celeron C90013.32GB250More Info
Quantum Q101Celeron C90013.31GB250More Info
Quantum Q100Celeron C90013.31GB250More Info
QT5500Core 2 Duo T550015.41GB80More Info
QRC430Celeron-M 1.73Ghz15.41GB160More Info
QC430Celeron-M 1.73Ghz15.41GB100More Info
Monza V200Celeron 84715.68GB1000More Info
Monza V100Celeron 84715.66GB320More Info
Monza T200Celeron 84715.68GB750More Info
Monza T100Celeron 84715.66GB320More Info
Monza S200AMD E-45015.68GB750More Info
Monza S150AMD E-30015.68GB750More Info
Monza S100Celeron 90015.68GB750More Info
Monza N3Dual-Core P54015.68GB500More Info
Monza N2Dual-Core N33015.68GB500More Info
Monza N1Dual-Core N33015.66GB500More Info
Monza E1Dual Core E-45015.66GB640More Info
Monza C1Dual Core C-5015.64GB320More Info
MonzaCeleron T350015.64GB320More Info
Modena M202Celeron T350015.64GB320More Info
Modena M201Celeron T350015.63GB320More Info
Modena M200Celeron T330015.62GB400More Info
Modena M101Celeron T350015.62GB250More Info
Modena M100Celeron C90015.62GB250More Info
ModenaCeleron T310015.62GB320More Info
KC550Dual-Core T233013.32GB120More Info
KC500Celeron-M 1.73Ghz13.31GB80More Info
K6000Core 2 Duo T545015.42GB120More Info
K4000Celeron-M 1.73Ghz15.42GB120More Info
K1501Dual Core T237015.42GB160More Info
K1301pDual Core T237013.32GB160More Info
K300Dual-Core T213015.42GB120More Info
K200Dual-Core T208015.42GB100More Info
K100Celeron-M 1.60Ghz15.41GB80More Info
ERT2250Core Duo T225015.41GB80More Info
ERC430Celeron-M 1.73Ghz15.41GB160More Info
Eclipse E300Celeron SU230013.32GB250More Info
Eclipse E200Celeron-M 1.3Ghz13.32GB250More Info
Eclipse E100Celeron-M 1.3Ghz13.31GB160More Info
Altro EliteCore 2 Solo SU350013.33GB120More Info
AltroCeleron-M 1.2Ghz13.33GB120More Info
9915wCore 2 Duo T525015.42GB160More Info
9912Celeron 1.73Ghz121GB80More Info
9617Core Duo T2330172GB120More Info
9517Core 2 Duo T5250172GB160More Info
9515Turion 64 X2 TL-6015.42GB160More Info
9415Core Duo T233015.42GB120More Info
9315Core 2 Duo T525015.42GB120More Info
9215Dual Core T233015.42GB160More Info
9212Core 2 Duo T5450122GB160More Info
9117huCore Duo T2310171GB80More Info
9117Core Duo T2310171GB120More Info
9115Core Duo T231015.42GB120More Info
9112Dual Core T2310122GB160More Info
8555GXCore 2 Quad Q9000174GB500More Info
8315Core 2 Duo T530015.42GB120More Info
8215pCore Duo T235015.41GB120More Info
8212Core 2 Duo T7100122GB120More Info
8117Core Duo T2080171GB120More Info
8115Core Duo T208015.42GB100More Info
8112Core 2 Duo T5250121GB120More Info
8111Core Duo T205015.41GB80More Info
8109Celeron-M 1.46GHz15.41GB60More Info
8001Pentium-M 1.8GHz14.1384MB40More Info
7555GXQuad-Core Q9000174GB320More Info
7302Dual Core T208015.41GB80More Info
7301Celeron-M 1.86GHz15.41GB40More Info
7211Celeron-M 2.00GHz15.41GB100More Info
7208Core Duo T710015.41GB120More Info
7206Core 2 Duo T530015.41GB80More Info
7204Dual-Core T2080171GB100More Info
7203Core Duo T530015.41GB80More Info
7201Celeron-M 1.86GHz15.41GB80More Info
7116Core 2 Duo T5200171GB100More Info
7115Celeron-M 1.73GHz15.41GB80More Info
7113Celeron-M 1.73GHz15.41GB80More Info
7111Core Duo T205015.41GB80More Info
7110Pentium-M 1.7GHz151GB40More Info
7109bCeleron-M 1.46 GHz15.41GB60More Info
7109aCeleron-M 1.60 GHz15.41GB60More Info
7109Celeron-M 1.46 GHz15.41GB60More Info
7108Celeron-M 1.46 GHz15.451260More Info
7107Core Duo T205015.41GB60More Info
7106Pentium-M 1.7GHz151GB80More Info
7105PAAMD Sempron 3100+15.41GB60More Info
7105AMD Sempron 3000+15.41GB60More Info
7104Pentium-M 1.7GHz15512MB40More Info
7103Pentium-M 1.7GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7102AMD Sempron 3000+15.41GB40More Info
7101Pentium-M 1.6GHz14.1512MB40More Info
7100Pentium-M 1.6GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7099Core Duo T230015.4512MB60More Info
7098Pentium-M 1.7GHz15.41GB60More Info
7097Pentium-M 1.7GHz14.1512MB40More Info
7096AMD Sempron 3000+15.41GB40More Info
7095Celeron-M 1.5GHz14.1512MB60More Info
7094Celeron-M 1.5GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7093Core Duo T230015.41GB80More Info
7092Pentium-M 1.86GHz172GB100More Info
7091Core Duo T230015.41GB80More Info
7090Pentium-M 1.7GHz14.1512MB60More Info
7089Pentium-M 1.6GHz15256MB40More Info
7088AMD Sempron 2800+15.4512MB60More Info
7087Celeron-M 1.5GHz14.1512MB40More Info
7086Celeron-M 1.4GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7085Pentium-M 1.6GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7084Pentium-M 1.73GHz15.4512MB60More Info
7083AMD Turion64 1.60GHz15.4512MB40More Info
7082AMD Sempron 2800+15.4512MB40More Info
7081Celeron-M 1.3GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7080Pentium-M 1.86GHz171GB80More Info
7079Pentium-M 1.73GHz15.41GB80More Info
7078Pentium-M 1.6GHz12.1512MB40More Info
7077P4 3.40GHz15512MB80More Info
7076APentium-M 1.3GHz12.1512MB40More Info
7076Pentium-M 1.5GHz12.1512MB40More Info
7075Celeron-M 1.5GHz15256MB40More Info
7074P4 3.20GHz15512MB60More Info
7073P4 3.0GHz15512MB40More Info
7072Celeron-M 1.6GHz15256MB60More Info
7070Sempron 2800+15.4256MB40More Info
7068P4 3.2GHz15512MB80More Info
7066MCeleron-M 1.5GHz12.1512MB80More Info
7065P4 3.0GHz15512MB80More Info
7064MCentrino 1.5GHz12.1256MB40More Info
7063MCentrino 1.5GHz15256MB40More Info
7062P4 3.0GHz15256MB40More Info
7061MCeleron-M 1.5GHz15256MB40More Info
7060Celeron 2.80GHz15256MB40More Info
7056P4 3.20GHz15512MB60More Info
7055P4 3.06GHz15512MB40More Info
7053Celeron M 33012.1256MB40More Info
7049P4 3.06GHz15512MB60More Info
7048P4 2.8GHz15512MB60More Info
7047P4 3.20GHz15512MB60More Info
7046P4 3.06GHz15512MB40More Info
7045P4-M 2.8GHz15512MB40More Info
7041Centrino 1.5GHz15.2512MB40More Info
7040Centrino 1.4GHz14.1256MB40More Info
7039Athlon 64 3000+15512MB40More Info
7038Athlon XP 2500+15.4512MB60More Info
7037P4 3.06GHz15512MB40More Info
7036P4 2.6GHz15512MB40More Info
7035P4-M 2.8GHz15512MB40More Info
7032Centrino 1.5GHz15.2512MB80More Info
7031Pentium M 1.3GHz14.1512MB40More Info
7030Centrino 1.3GHz14.1256MB30More Info
7027P4 3.06GHz15512MB40More Info
7026P4 2.66GHz15512MB40More Info
7019P4-M 2.20GHz15512MB80More Info
7018P4-M 2.00GHz15.2512MB60More Info
7017P4 3.06GHz15512MB30More Info
7016P4 2.66GHz15512MB30More Info
7015P4 2.80GHz15512MB30More Info
7014P4 2.80GHz15512MB40More Info
7013P4 2.6GHz15512MB60More Info
7012P4 2.6GHz15256MB40More Info
7011P4 2.4GHz15256MB30More Info
7009P4 2.2GHz15384MB40More Info
7008P4 2.0GHz14.1256MB30More Info
7007P4 1.7GHz14.1256MB20More Info
7006P4 1.8GHz14.1512MB30More Info
7005P4 1.8GHz14.1512MB30More Info
7004P4 1.8GHz14.1256MB20More Info
7003P4 2.0GHz15512MB40More Info
7002P4 1.8GHz14.1512MB30More Info
7001P4 1.6GHz14.1512MB20More Info
7000ACeleron M 35014.1256MB40More Info
7000Celeron M 35014.1256MB40More Info
6651Dual-Core T3400173GB250More Info
6650Dual-Core T3400172GB160More Info
6555Core 2 Quad Q9000174GB250More Info
6553Dual-Core T4200174GB320More Info
6552Dual-Core T3400173GB250More Info
6551Dual-Core T1600171GB160More Info
6441Dual-Core T3200174GB160More Info
6411 (Vista)Dual-Core T5750172GB200More Info
6311Dual-Core T2390172GB120More Info
6301Core Duo T2370172GB120More Info
6001Celeron M 74015.41GB40More Info
6000Celeron M 32014.125640More Info
5712Dual Core T160015.42GB250More Info
5711Dual Core T160015.41GB160More Info
5612Dual Core T160015.42GB160More Info
5611Dual Core T160015.41GB160More Info
5511Dual Core P735015.42GB250More Info
5431Dual Core T320015.41GB160More Info
5421Dual Core T150015.41GB160More Info
5411Core 2 Duo T575015.44GB320More Info
5401Core 2 Duo T555015.43GB250More Info
5313Core 2 Duo T575015.42GB200More Info
5312Dual Core T239015.42GB160More Info
5311Dual Core T239015.41GB120More Info
5303Core 2 Duo T555015.42GB160More Info
5302Core 2 Duo T555015.42GB250More Info
5301Core Duo T231015.42GB120More Info
4401Core 2 Duo T5550122GB160More Info
2023P4 3.06GHz15512MB60More Info
2022P4-M 3.20GHz15512MB40More Info
2021P4-M 2.8GHz15512MB40More Info
2008Celeron M 34015256MB40More Info
1115cCore Duo T231015.42GB120More Info