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Plustek Scanner Known Issues

For drivers, visit -

4831P - Installation Problems4831P & Epson Stylus 640
9630 - Poor Scan Quality9630p and Recognita
9636T - Colour Copies Red9636T - Install/Uninstall Errors
Action Manager Will Not RestoreDisk Full or Disk I/O Error
Epson Stylus 500Expervision Typereader OCR
HP Deskjet Printers"Input of Colour/Greyscale not Supported"
Lexmark Printers"OLE file COMPBJ is locked..."
Keyboard and Mouse LockupPoor Quality Scans
Scanner Not FoundScanner Not Supported
Sound ProblemsUninstalling 4800P, 4830P & 9630P
Unusual Noise When Scan StartsWindows XP

Scanner Not Found

There are a number of basic checks you can try before assuming that it is a dead scanner.

  • 1. Restart the Computer (After installation, the computer must be restarted).
  • 2. Make sure the cables are tightly connected and in the right place.
  • 3. Make sure the power adapter is plugged in and switched on.
  • 4. Printer cable may be too long, use a Bi-Directional cable 6 feet long or shorter.
  • 5. Change the Parallel Port mode in your computer's BIOS to EPP or Bi-Directional.
  • 6. Make sure the Parallel Port I/O Address in your computer's BIOS is set to either 378h OR 3BCh.
  • 7. Some parallel ports are not detected properly by the Scanner utility, therefore the changes need to be made manually (Not applicable for the 9636T model). Edit the SYSTEM.INI and add the following lines in the [ScannerParameters] section.
    • Port_ChipType=17
    • Port_Mode=0
  • 8. Your printer might be conflicting with the scanner. Try scanning with the printer disconnected.
  • 9. You might need to update the LPT.VXD file that controls the parallel port in Windows 95.

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9630 - Poor Scan Quality

  • Click on Start, then Run.
  • Type in Command, and click on OK.
  • At the DOS prompt, type in CD\OP9630 and press Enter. NB - If you've installed the scanner software to another directory, replace the OP9630 with the directory name.
  • The prompt should now read C:\OP9630> if not DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER!!!
  • At the C:\OP9630> prompt, type in DEL *.* and press Enter.
  • 8. Press Y and then ENTER when the question appears to delete a specific file? (y/n)
  • Type EXIT and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

This will partially delete the driver for the OpticPro 9630P/FBIV. You will need to visit Plustek's website and download the latest driver to update the OpticPro 9630P/FBIV software

Once downloaded, install the driver to the default directory of C:\OP9630. This will update the scanner driver and should solve any problems.

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Action Manager Will not Restore

This problem occurs if the computer is turned off while the Action Manager is scanning.

  • Click on Start and then Run.
  • In the run box type in SCANFX.INI and press Enter.
  • Delete the lines that start with LINE, TOP and LEFT.
  • Save the file and exit.
  • Start the Action Manager.

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Poor Quality Scans

The scanned image looks grainy on the screen

This can be caused if your video mode is not set to show more than 256 colors. Set your video mode to a higher resolution (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Display / Settings)

Poor Quality when scan is exported to another program

This can be caused by different imaging programs using different Monitor Gamma settings. Change the Monitor Gamma settings in either of the programs so that they match.

Image is dark when printed

This could be caused by a couple of different things,

The Monitor Gamma Settings or the scanner brightness settings are not set properly. The solution for this is to change the Monitor Gamma to a value between 1.0 and 1.5. If not adjust the brightness control in the TWAIN window before scanning.

The printer's brightness setting is not set properly. Some printers allow you to change the brightness settings.

There is a yellow or green line in the right hand side of the scanned document

These colour lines are shown if the parallel port type is detected or set improperly. There are 2 solutions to this problem,

1. Make sure that the Parallel Port Mode is set to EPP or Bi-directional in your computer BIOS.

2. Edit the SYSTEM.INI file and type the following line in the [ScannerParameters] section and save the changes: Port_ChipType=17

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Keyboard and Mouse Lockup

Plustek's Optic Pro range scanners don't like P2 technology, the mouse and keyboard will lock up and Action Manager reports "Unable to find Scanner". To solve it,

  • Restart the computer and press "F8" when it says "Starting Windows 95".
  • From the menu choose "Safe Mode".
  • In Windows 95, click on Start/Run and run SYSEDIT.
  • Edit system.ini file and advance to area [ScannerParameters].
  • Add the following lines:
    • Port_Mode=1
    • Port_ChipType=0
  • Now scroll up to [386Enh] area and locate the line Device=c:\scanner\scandev.386.
  • And add the following line underneath it, Port_chipControl=1

Save changes and exit, and restart the computer with the scanner connected.

If that doesn't work, try changing the Parallel Port Address in your computer's BIOS (3BCh is recommended).

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Sound Vanishes or Becomes Erratic When Scanner Connected

You lose sound or the sound card behaves erratically when the scanner is connected. There are 2 possible solutions,

Firstly, try -
  • Click on Start / Run.
  • In the run box type in SYSTEM.INI and press enter.
  • In the [ScannerParameters] section delete the lines "Port_ChipType=" and "Port_Mode=".
  • Save and Exit back to Windows.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Click on Start / Programs / Plustek Scanner / Scanner Utility.
  • Clickon Autosearch, and then Ok.

If that doesn't work, try changing the Parallel Port Address in your computer's BIOS (3BCh is recommended) and make sure that the Parallel Port mode is set to EPP or Bi-directional.

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Optic Pro 9630p and Recognita

Seems that this particular model's software does not add the Recognita OCR software when you choose a typical installation.

Solution: Install software again, choose custom install, tick Recognita OCR Software box and make sure that the program the OCR software finds as the Word Processor is in fact a word processor, and that's about it, the software gives instructions on use from there.

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Disk is Full or Disk I/O Error Messages

This can be caused by 3 different things,

  • There is not enough Hard Disk Drive space to process or store the image
    • Make some space available on the drive, or rescan the image at a lower resolution.
  • The Hard Disk Drive is heavily fragmented or it might contain bad sectors
    • Run the Scan Disk utility that came with your computer.
  • This message is displayed in some computers when some of the TWAIN filters are used.
    • Download the latest drivers from Plustek's website.

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"OLE file COMPBJ is locked and cannot be updated"

If you get the above message, the reason is that the Office short cut bar (the bar that launches the office suite application) is open. Close the Office short cut bar before you install or use the scanner.

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HP Deskjet Printers

Sometimes when you install a Scanner alongside an HP Deskjet printer, the built in Bi-Directional features of the printer can conflict with the scanner. To disable this feature in Windows 95, do the following -

  • Click on Start / Find / Files & Folders.
  • Search for the following - HPFCFG*.EXE
  • If this doesn't return any matches do a search on - HPRCFG*.EXE
  • One of the searches should find a file, double click on it and it should run the program.
  • Remove the X next to "Print Cartridge Query" and "Bi-directional Communication".
  • Choose OK.
  • Choose Restart Windows.

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Epson Stylus 500

If you are experiencing a problem printing with your Epson printer you should disable its print spooler. To do this,

  • Click on the Start button, go to Programs and select Epson.
  • From the Epson menu select Spool Manager3.
  • In Spool Manager3 select your Epson printer for the list.
  • From the menu bar select Queue.
  • From the Queue menu select setup.
  • In setup check the option for 'Use Print Manager for this port.'
  • Exit Spool Manager3.
  • Click on the Start button and select Settings then Printers.
  • Locate the icon for your Epson printer and click on it with the right mouse button.
  • Select Properties from the bottom of the pop-up list.
  • In the Printer Properties click on the Details tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Port Settings button.
  • Make sure that the 'Spool MS-DOS print jobs' and 'Check port status before printing' and not selected.
  • Click on the OK button for both printer windows.

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Lexmark 2030, 2050, 2070

If you are experiencing a problem printing with your Lexmark printer you should disable its bi-directional communications.

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"Input of Colour/Greyscale not Supported" Message

This message will normally appear when you try and scan an image into an application that cannot handle images, ie OCR software like Textbridge.

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4831P Installation Problems

When installing one of these Scanners, the manual states that you must install the software (MicrografX Picture Publisher and Textbridge OCR) BEFORE you install the Scanner Drivers and Utility.

If you do this you might get problems with Textbridge which will ask you to SELECT SOURCE (this being the Scanner source FlatbedScanner32) but will not display the sources to select - hence it is impossible to fully install.

To fix this, ignore the manual and

  • Install Utility and Scanner Driver FIRST.
  • Install Micrografx Picture Publisher and Textbridge.
  • Go into both the Picture Publisher and Textbridge and set up the scanner (FILE-ACQUIRE-SELECT SOURCE).

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4831p & Epson Stylus 640

The above combination of printer and scanner have great difficulty working together. Normally you will get one working but not the other. The solution,

  • Go into the Control Panel and Add Remove Programs. Uninstall both the printer and the scanner software.
  • Shut the computer and down, and disconnect the printer (leaving the scanner connected).
  • Restart the computer, and install the scanner software. The scanner should test and work ok.
  • Connect the printer and restart the computer again.
  • "New Hardware Found" message should appear, and you should be able to install the printer.
  • If you don't get the "New Hardware" message, go into Device Manager, delete the printer port and then restart the computer again.

One final note, the BIOS should be set to Bi-Directional, as neither require an ECP Port.

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Expervision Typereader OCR

Scanning multiple pages with Expervisionís Typereader OCR,

  • Once the program has loaded, click on TWAIN.
  • Click on SELECT SOURCE.
  • Select the 32-bit Twain driver for your scanner model.
  • Click on SELECT.
  • To scan an an image with TypeReader OCR, Click on TWAIN again.
  • Click on ACQUIRE.
  • After the document appears on the screen, insert the next page on the scanner.
  • Click on ACQUIRE.
  • Continue to do this until all pages have been scanned.
  • When all pages have been scanned click "No More Pages".
  • To process the images, firstly click on VIEW.
  • Click on PREVIOUS PAGE.
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps until you reach the first document scanned into the computer.
  • Once on the first page, click on PROCESS.
  • Save the file.

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Unusual Noise When Starting to Scan

The scanner makes an unusual sound when starting to scan. The scanner does in fact make a sound when the scanner starts to scan. The noise is caused by the self alignment test. The scanner does this self alignment test to ensure a straight scan, in other words, this sound is normal.

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9636T - Colour Copies Red

The colour copies made with the Action Manager 32 Copy Utility are red. To get round this download the updated drivers from Plustek's website.

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9636T - Install/Uninstall Errors

Fatal Exception Error

The message "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C0230810 in VxD VMM(0D)+00001810. The current application will be terminated." is displayed. This error occurs when Norton Antivirus 4.0 or 5.0 is installed in the computer. You need to uninstall Norton Antivirus completely, install the scanner software and reinstall Norton Antivirus.

Uninstaller Error

The message "Uninstaller failed to initialise. You may not be able to uninstall this product." is displayed. To get round this, delete the UNINST.ISU file located from the installation directory, then run the installation again.

If you don't know the name of the installation directory, then follow these steps:

  • Type UNINST.ISU in the "Named:" dialog box and Click on FIND NOW.
  • Select the UNINST.ISU and delete it

Setup Language Error

The message "Setup was unable to find the installation languages in D:\install\setup.lib file" is displayed. According to Plustek, you need to update the version of the MSCDEX.EXE file. Please contact Microsoft for an update.

An Error Occurred During The Move Data Process - 115

If you are reinstalling the scanner software :

  • Close the Instant access program from the task bar.
  • Reinstall the scanner software.

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Scanner not Supported

If when trying to scan through third party software you cannot find your scanner on the list of supported scanners, then select TWAIN or 32-bit TWAIN as the scanner

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Uninstalling 4800P, 4830P & 9630P

Delete the following files and folders -

  • The subdirectory in which you have installed the scanner driver (Default directory:C:\SCANNER\*.*).
  • The C:\Windows\Twain and C:\Windows\twain_32 folders
  • In the C:\Windows folder, delete the files - Twain.dll, Twain.log, Twain001.mtx, Twain_32.dll, Twunk002.mtx, Twunk003.mtx, Twunk_16.exe, Twunk_32.exe and Scanfx.ini

In the file C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI remove the reference to C:\SCANNER\EXE16\AM.EXE from the RUN= line.

In the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI remove the following references -


To uninstall IMAGE IN (OP4800P), delete the directory C:\IMAGEIN3 and the file C:\WINDOWS\IMAGEIN.INI

To uninstall Recognita (OP4800P), delete the directory C:\RECOGN.

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Windows XP Issues

Official Windows XP Driver Statement

Plustek have announced the following Windows XP Support Statement

The following models were developed and crafted years ago under the platform of the technology then. Therefore, these models will not support Windows XP System: P8, A3I, 9636T, 12000T, 96000T, 9636P+, 12000P+, 1230P, 1236P, 9631P, 9636P, 12000P, 12000PB, 96000P, 300P, 600P, 4831P, 6000P, FB9630P (FB IV), FB4830P (FB III), FB4800P (FB II), OptiCam 300U, OptiCam 500U, ScanFx, OpticWorks 2000, Scan Plus Color 3000, Spectra 1200, SP Color 6000, PageReader 800.

The following models are compatible with Windows XP. If users encounter a message " Windows logo authorization required" while installing the driver for your scanner, please ignore it and continue your installation without any misgiving at your scanner functioning: 1212U, U12, UT12, U12B, 1248U, UT16, UA18, U24, UT24, P12, PT12.

Possible Workaround

I recently (10/09/02) received the following email from Marko Savic. I've not been able to test it on other models, but it may be worth trying before XP users resort to upgrading to a new scanner.

As an owner of a OpticPro600P, I didn't want to throw away a perfectly well functioning scanner when I migrated to windows XP, so I made some search on Internet. Now, I use it with no problems whatsoever with latest drivers (dated january 2001) and a twain-based scanning software named Easyscan. The only thing I have to make sure is to keep horizontal resolution @ 300ppp (scanner limit it seems), and if I need higher precision, I just increase the vertical one.

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