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Agfa StudioStar Scanner

Missing StudioStar Manuals

The manuals are located on the AGFA Scanner CD-ROM, in Adobe Acrobat PDF-file format. The CD also includes Adobe Acrobat Reader software so that you can read the manuals or print them out. No hard-copy manuals are available.

Calibration Errors

Why do I get calibration errors when scanning transparencies and negatives?

The scanner was shipped with a transparency template. To avoid errors, be sure this template is being used and is installed correctly. It should be placed flat on the glass with the word AGFA toward the back of the scanner.

There are two open areas in the template. One is a large 8" x 10" hole, and the other is a small 1/2" strip cut-out. The large opening is the scanning area and the other is the calibration hole. Never put anything in the calibration hole, as doing so can also cause calibration errors.

Cross - Platform StudioStar

Will my scanner work on both Mac and PC platforms?

Yes. The scanners are exactly the same for both types of computers. However, if you are going from a Mac platform to a PC-based computer, you will need to purchase a SCSI controller for your PC.

Shifted Transparancy Scans

This only affects Windows systems and StudioStar with TPO (transparency option). The problem is that an image scanned in transparency mode in FotoLookTM appears shifted on StudioStar. What happens is either the preview looks good and the scan is shifted vertically, or vice versa: the scan looks good but the preview doesn't. The problem occurs more frequently on slow computer systems.

StudioStar keeps track of the current scan line in a byte value. A byte value can only contain from 0 to 255 lines and a transparency calibration can easily need many more lines. When the calibration by FotoLook takes too long, the byte is overrun, resulting in a shifted scan.

The problem is fixed in all firmware versions higher than 1.70. Contact your local Agfa service organization for the firmware upgrade. As a work-around until you receive the upgrade, let the scanner do it's own calibration, edit AGFA2.INI, find the section [StudioStar] and add the line HostCalibration=0.

StudioStar and ADF

StudioStar may not work properly when an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is connected.

If you scan documents with an ADF and OmniPage LE 4.0, and then open Fotolook (via the plug-in or standalone version) to scan an image that lays on the flatbed, an error code ....200 will result.

The lamp will automatically return to the position for the ADF if you try to scan within Fotolook or OmniPage LE!

The only workaround is to switch the scanner off, disconnect the ADF from the scanner, and relaunch Fotolook.