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Agfa SnapScan Scanner

310 and Apple PowerBook1212u and USB
1212u and Windows 951212u and Windows 98 Upgrade
1212u Installation on an iMACBulb Replacement - 310/EZ
Cleaning SnapScan EZ/1212P/1212UColorit! Demo
Cross Platform SnapScanLamp Replacement - SnapScan/600
Missing ManualsNegative and Transparency Scanning
Omnipage LE and ADFOmnipage Pro 7.0 and ADF
Visioneer Paperport

Missing SnapScan Manuals

The manuals are located on the AGFA Scanner CD-ROM, in Adobe Acrobat PDF-file format. The CD also includes Adobe Acrobat Reader software so that you can read the manuals or print them out. No hard-copy manuals are available.

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Cross - Platform SnapScan

Will my scanner work on both Mac and PC platforms?

Yes. The scanners are exactly the same for both types of computers. However, if you are going from a Mac platform to a PC-based computer, you will need to purchase a SCSI controller for your PC.

The SnapScan has also been tested and does work with the new Apple Mac G-series computers with USB support.

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Bulb Replacement - SnapScan 310/EZ

How do I change the base lamp in my SnapScan 310 or SnapScan EZ?

  • Turn off and unplug the scanner.
  • Gently turn over the scanner and lay it on a soft surface.
  • At the front of the scanner, you will see three plastic tabs in the scanner cover that hold the base of the scanner in place.
  • Using two flathead screwdrivers, wedge them in the front of the scanner where the tabs are to allow the base of the scanner to clear tabs.
  • Once the tabs clear the base of the scanner, the top case of the scanner should come free of the base. There will be a cable that connects the base to the power switch in the top of the case. Make sure you unplug this cable when removing the case top.
  • Under each end of the black tray that holds the bulb in place you will find a tab. Release the tabs and the tray will rotate up.
  • At each end of the bulb there is a wire. These wires join together at a connector under the black bulb holder tray. Unplug this connector.
  • Unhook the wires from the bottom of the black bulb holder tray and remove the bulb from its clips on the tray.
  • Replace the bulb and route the wires in their retainer clips.
  • Plug the bulb connector back in to its slot on the circuit board on the bottom of the black bulb holder tray.
  • Replace the black bulb holder tray. Align the three tabs at the front of the tray and then rotate the tray down until the tabs at the ends of the tray under the bulb click in place.
  • Plug the power switch connector plug back in to the top cover.
  • Place top cover of the scanner back on the base.

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Lamp Replacement - SnapScan/SnapScan 600

How do I change the base lamp for the SnapScan or SnapScan 600?

  • Turn off and unplug the scanner.
  • Remove cover from scanner.
  • In between the holes that the cover posts go in, you will see a circular hole. Press a screwdriver down in this hole and the glass bed top of the scanner should slide back.
  • Remove the four screws in the top of the scanner that are revealed when you remove the scanner top. The cover of the scanner will now come off.
  • Remove the cover on the bulb. It is a plastic piece that just pops off.
  • At one end of the bulb holder, there will be an opening that allows you to reach under and pry the bulb up.
  • The bulb is a standard Phillips 8-watt daylight fluorescent bulb. It should be available at most lighting stores.
  • When placing bulb back in its holder, make sure it is firmly seated at both ends. The bulb should sit flush with the bulb retainer ends.
  • Place the plastic cover over the bulb.
  • Replace the top of the scanner and reinstall four screws.
  • Place scanner glass bed top in slots in scanner cover top and slide toward the front of the scanner until it clicks in place.
  • Replace the cover by inserting its posts into their respective holes.

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SnapScan 1212u and Windows 95

Will the SnapScan 1212u work on a Windows 95 system with USB support?

No, the SnapScan 1212u only runs on Windows 98 systems. Windows 95 lacks the still image device layer (STI layer) that our driver (FotoLook) needs to work with the scanner. There is no way to get this scanner working on Windows 95.

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Negative and Transparency Scanning

How do I scan negatives or transparencies with my SnapScan?

Transparency and negative scanning require an optional transparency adapter (TPO). Only the following SnapScan models can be equipped with this option:

  • SnapScan
  • SnapScan 300
  • SnapScan 600
  • SnapScan 1236S

Of these types, only the 600 and the 1236S can scan negatives if used with the AGFA FotoLook 3.0x PC driver (Mac negative scanning is NOT supported on the SnapScan series).

Other SnapScan models can NOT be equipped with a transparency adapter and scan reflective originals only.

FotoLook will disable the negative and/or transparency options in its user interface according to your scanner model and installed peripherals (TPO).

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SnapScan 1212u and USB

How do I check to make sure my USB controller is working?

To check if the Universal Serial Bus controller is present in the Device Manager, click with the right mouse button on the icon My Computer and select Properties from the menu that pops up. Select the Device Manager tab from the System Properties dialog box.

If the Universal Serial Bus Controller is present in the Device Manager, carry out the scanner installation procedure exactly as described in the Getting Started Manual.

If the Universal Serial Bus Controller is not present in the Device Manager, carry out the following instructions:

  • Reboot your computer.
  • Enable the USB controller in the BIOS settings.
  • Exit and save the changes you made. Your computer is rebooted automatically.

CAUTION: Changing your computer's BIOS settings is at your own risk! It should be done by system administrators and experienced users only. If you are not familiar with this kind of task, ask your computer dealer to do this.

Check again if the Universal Serial Bus is present in the Device Manager. If the Universal Serial Bus controller is present in the Device Manager, carry out the scanner installation procedure exactly as described in the Getting Started manual.

If the Universal Serial Bus controller is still not present in the Device Manager, carry out the following instructions:

  • Click the Start Button.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Double-click on the Add New Hardware icon.
  • Attentively follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

The universal serial bus controller should now be present in the Device Manager. Carry out the scanner installation procedure exactly as described in the Getting Started manual. If the scanner does not work, try to use the other USB port on your PC.

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Omnipage Pro 7.0 and ADF

When you try to use Caere Corporation's Omnipage Pro® 7.0 and the SnapScan™ ADF, you get the following error message:

"Wrong SCSI connection"

Solution :

Install "Agfa SnapScan" driver. The driver can be found on the floppy supplied with the ADF. Copy the driver in the Extension Folder of the System Folder.

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1212u Installation on an iMAC

I can not install Fotolook on my iMAC using the installer. My system will give me errors or lock-up. What can I do to fix it?

First make sure you have all extensions off except the Foreign File Access and the Apple CD-ROM. Go into the English folder and click on the 1212U listing. Choose the Fotolook folder and then click on the Fotolook 2.09.7 installer. At this point the install wizard will walk you through the rest of the installation. Using the defaults will be fine in this case.

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1212u Problems with Windows 98 Upgrade

If you tried to install the scanner on Windows OSR2 with the USB upgrade and you are now upgrading to Windows 98, you can run into some problems caused by your earlier attempts to install the scanner. The scanner seems properly installed but FotoLook is unable to find it. Use the following procedure to fix the problem.

It is not possible to install the 1212u on Windows 95. However, running the installation procedure on 95 will mess up the system registry and this can cause problems even after you upgrade to 98. You can fix this by selecting properties of the scanner in the device manager. Select the 'Driver' tab and click on 'Update Driver'. Insert the AGFA Scanner CD and follow the instructions on screen.

Verify that the Still Image Devices Monitor is running. This can be done easily by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the 'Close Program' dialog box: you should see a task called 'Stimon'. We've seen cases where a Windows 98 upgrade doesn't start this process. When this happens, the scanner will be visible in the device manager and the control panel but FotoLook will fail to find the scanner.

If Stimon.exe is not running, use one of the following possibilities to start the Still Image Devices Monitor:

  • Make a shortcut to \Windows\System\Stimon.exe in the startup group (start menu)
  • Start regedit and add the following string value to the 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Run' registry key:
    name : 'Still Image Devices Monitor'
    value: C:\Windows\System\Stimon.exe

Note: This is assuming Windows 98 is installed in C:\Windows. Adjust the paths above accordingly if this is not the case.

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Connecting a SnapScan 310 to a PowerBook

How can I connect/terminate my SnapScan 310 scanner with an Apple PowerBook?

Due to a special SCSI connection in the PowerBook, a direct connection to the SnapScan 310 isn't provided by Agfa. To connect your scanner to the PowerBook, do either of these:

Connect a device between the PowerBook and the SnapScan 310 and terminate the last device in the chain using a 25-pin terminator.


A direct connection can be achieved with a special SCSI-adapter, called a ZIP-to-PowerBook adapter, which is available at many stores that sell the Apple PowerBooks or SCSI adapters.

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Visioneer Paperport

Where is the serial number for Visioneer Paperport?

You will find this serial number on the Software Collection II CD towards the bottom.

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Cleaning SnapScan EZ/1212P/1212U

How do I clean the glass of the Snapscan EZ, 1212P, or the 1212U?

Follow these basic steps:

  • Shut the scanner off and unplug the cables from the back of the scanner.
  • Pull out and up on the bottom front of the scanner, the casing should come off. You will find the power wire will unplug itself from the upper casing. Make note of where it will plug back in.
  • Clean the glass with a mild detergent and lint-free rag. Note: Always spray the detergent on the rag and not directly on the scanner.
  • Remember to plug the wire for the power back into the power button.

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ColorIt! Demo

Why am I only getting a demo copy of ColorIt!?

There are two versions of ColorIt! on the Software Collection II CD. To install the full version of ColorIt!, you will just need to open the English version of ColorIt! on the CD and then use the ColorIt! 3.09 installer.

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Omnipage LE and ADF

There could be some problems occurring with OmniPage LE and the ADF. The following could be a solution for those who have problems.

  • Go to the software library section of Agfa's Website, and download the adfAgfadrivers.sea file. This contains the following files:
    • Agfa DuoScan T1200
    • Agfa SnapScan
    • Agfa StudioScan
    • Agfa StudioStar
    • Scanner Catalog
  • The first four files are the ISIS-drivers. This driver must be installed on your system (depending which scanner that you have).
  • Drop the right file in the extension folder in the system folder. After restart, you must see this file in the Chooser.
  • Replace the existing Scanner Catalog file with the one you downloaded. For that, go to the System folder > Preferences folder > Caere folder, where you will find the Scanner Catalog. Now, replace the existing catalog file with the one you have downloaded. Restart the system.
  • It is not necessary to activate the ISIS-driver in the Chooser. The application will find this extension automatically. When you start the OmniPage application, make sure you select the right scanner out from the list.

Note: the Scanner Catalog for the OmniPage LE is not the same as the one for the OmniPage Pro.

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