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Page 1 (P-PC)
Page 2 (PD-PK)
Page 3 (PL-PQ)
Page 4 (PR-PZ)

PDABitmap Picture
PDBPegasus DataBase
PDB3Com Palmpilot Database File
PDBTact File
PDB          QuickPOS Database File
PDDAdobe Photo Deluxe Image
PDFAdobe Acrobat File (Download Viewer)
PDFCorel Ventura Publisher Page (EPS-like) File
PDFMicrosoft Package Definition File
PDFNetware Printer Definition File
PDFQuark-X-Press Printer Information
PDGPrintShop Deluxe File
PDIMicrosoft PowerPoint Translator File
PDQPatton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File
PDRWindows Port Device Driver
PDSNASA Planetary Data System
PDSPDS Graphic
PDSTelsis HiCall Program File
PDTProCite Primary Database
PDVPaintbrush Printer Driver
PDWProfessional Draw Image
PDXParadox Configuration File
PDXProCite Database Keys
PDXAcrobat Catalog Index
PDXAdobe PageMaker Printer Description
PEPortable Executable Program
PEBWordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File
PEDWordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save
PEMWordPerfect Program Editor Macro
PEPPERPepper Keeper Shared Package file
PEQWordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File
PERWordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area
PESWordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File
PETWordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File
PFAladdin Systems Private Files Encrypted File
PFProgress Parameter File
PFMonitor or Printer Profile File
PFAOutline Font (ASCII
PFBOutline Font (Binary)
PFCPF Component
PFCFirst Choice Document
PFEProgrammers File Editor
PFKXTree Programmable Function Keys
PFLLotus Freelance for DOS 4.0 Portfolio
PFMPrinter Font Metrics
PFPPanorama Factory Project File
PFRPaintShop Pro File
PFSPFS:File or PFS:Write Document
PFTChiwriter Printer Font
PGLHP Plotter Drawing
PGMPortable Graymap Graphic
PGMChromeleon Batch Program
PGNPortable Game Notation
PGPPGP Encrypted File
PGPProgram Parameter
PGXBinary Property Page File
PHMS Help Compiler Phrase Table
PHPERL Source Code Header
PHDPC Help Desk File
PHNUltra Fax phone book
PHOMetz Phone List
PHPMS Picture It! Publishing Project File
PHPPhotoParade Slideshow (Download Viewer)
PHRNoExcuse Phrase Checker
PHRLocoScript Phrases
PHTMLWeb page that contains a PHP script
PI$Microsoft Compressed PIF
PI1Atari ST Degas Image
PI2Atari ST Degas Image
PI3Atari ST Degas Image
PICLotus Picture
PICPC Paint Bitmap
PICMacintosh PICT Drawing
PIFProgram Information File
PIFMacintosh Compressed archive
PIGLucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
PIMPixMaker Project File
PINEpic Pinball Data File
PINPushpin Set
PIPBitmap Picture
PITMacintosh Pack-It Compressed Archive File
PIXInset Systems Bitmap
PIXPrintMaster Graphic File
PJComputer Associates SuperProject
PJHewlett-Packard Paint Jet
PJMKS Source Integrity File
PJLProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
PJPInternet Picture
PJTMicrosoft Visual Foxpro Project Memo
PJXMicrosoft Visual Foxpro Project
PKMetafont Bitmap Font
PKAPKArc Compressed Archive File
PKBQuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File
PKGMicrosoft Developer Studio Application Extension
PKGAppleLink Package Compression Format File
PKGLISTPepper Keeper Package List file
PKOPublicKey Security Object
PKRPGP Public Keyring

Page 1 (P-PC)
Page 2 (PD-PK)
Page 3 (PL-PQ)
Page 4 (PR-PZ)