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DMDCorel Data Modeling Desktop
DMDVisual dBASE Data Module
DMFDelusion/XTracker Digital Music File
DMFPacked Amiga Disk Image
DMO          Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage Saved Game
DMPDump (various)
DMSPackrat Database Index
DMSCompressed Archive
DNEDarn v5+ (Windows) Events List
DNENetica Bayes Net Text File (More info)
DOBUser Document Form File
DOCDocument or Documentation (various)
DOCMS Word Document
DOGLaughing Dog Screen Saver
DOHGeoworks Dependency Information File
DOSText File/DOS Specification Info
DOTMicrosoft Word Document Template
DOTCorel Draw Line Description
DOXMultiMate Word Processor Document
DOXMicrosoft ActiveX Binary Form
DOXText File
DOZVENDINFO Description Out of Zip File
DPDataPhile Data File
DPDaily Planner Calendar File
DPASerif DrawPlus Animation
DPGWindows Applications Manager Deleted Program Group
DPIPointline Image
DPJDeskProto CAM Project File
DPKDelphi Package File
DPLBorland Delphi 3 Packed Library
DPPSerif DrawPlus Drawing
DPRBorland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project
DPTPublish-It! Publication File
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange
DQYMS Excel ODBC Query File
DRCOrcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
DRNDarn for DOS
DRSCorel Draw Perfect Font
DRSWordPerfect Driver Resource
DRSAge of Empires 2 Archive
DRVDevice Driver
DRWMicrografx Vector Graphic
DRWDrawing (various)
DRXAdobe Photoshop Tutorial
DSTWAIN Data source file
DS4Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
DSCOracle Discard File
DSCNikon Coolpix Disk Identification File
DSDDataShaper Database File
DSDDocument Structure Definition File
DSFMicrografx Designer v7.x
DSFDelusion/XTracker Digital Sample
DSGDoom Saved Game
DSKArchive for Lotus Smart Suite Setup
DSKBorland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop File
DSKNovell Driver File
DSLLingvo User Feature Dictionary
DSMDynamic Studio Music Module
DSMDelphi Symbol File
DSMDigital Sound Module Tracker Format
DSNODBC Data Source
DSNSureThing Office Labeler Document
DSNOrcad Schematic Capture Schematic File
DSPMicrosoft Developer Studio Project
DSPDr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver
DSPSignature Display Parameters
DSRActive Designer File
DSRWordPerfect Driver
DSSDigital Soup Digital Sound File
DSSDigital Speech Standard File
DSTMicrografx Designer Template
DSTEmbroidery Machines Graphics File
DSWMicrosoft Developer Studio Workspace
DSWBorland C++ Desktop Settings
DSXActive Designer Binary File
DT_Macintosh Data File Fork
DTAData (various)
DTDSGML Document Type Definition File
DTFSymantec Q&A Relational Database Data File
DTMDigiTrakker Module
DTPPressworks Template File
DTPTimeworks Publisher Text Document
DTPSecurDesk! Desktop
DTPDatastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
DUNDial-Up Network
DUPDuplicate Backup
DVDigital Video File
DVDESQview Script
DVBVisual Basic for Applications Macro Project
DVCLotus File
DVFDV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
DVITeX Device Independent Document
DVMMovie File
DVPDESQview Program Information
DVPAutoCAD Device Parameter
DVRDevice Driver
DW2DesignCAD Drawing File
DWCCompressed Archive
DWDDiamondWare Digitized File
DWFAutodesk Vector Graphic
DWGAutoCAD Drawing Database
DWGDrafix CAD Drawing
DWPDweep Game Levels
DWPDeScribe Document File
DWSDyadic Workspace File
DWSAutoCAD Standardisation File
DWTAutoCAD Template/Prototype File
DWTDreamweaver Template File
DXMultiMate Word Processor Document
DXDigital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data Exchange File
DXDocument Imaging File
DXAutotrol Document Image
DXBAutoCAD Database
DXBDrawing Interchange Binary
DXFAutoCAD Drawing Interchange File Format
DXFData Exchange File
DXNFujitsu dexNET Fax Document
DXRMacromedia Director Protected Movie File
DYNLotus File

Page 1 (DA-DC)
Page 2 (DD-DL)
Page 3 (DM-DZ)