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Packard Bell iMedia & iExtreme

Cannot Find Anti-Virus Software

The anti-virus program has to be installed manually. This prevents the anti-virus program from causing mistakes during the recovery procedure.

To install the anti-virus program click the icon on your desktop called Click Me First (the icon is a picture of a smiley).

PC is Supplied With a Printer Already Installed

Many of the Packard Bell range come with the Epson 740 printer drivers preinstalled. To remove these, click on Start, Control Panel, Printers and other Hardware, View installed printers or fax printers. Select the Epson 740 and press the delete key. This will remove the drivers from the system.

Virus Warning When Installing Freeserve

This is caused by the scripts that the Freeserve runs during setup. The default option on this message is to cancel the setup. It is possible to continue past this warning and install the software. There is NO virus on Freeserve.

WinME System Recovery

There seems to be an issue with Windows ME system recovery not working with Norton Antivirus. When restoring to an earlier state it is important to make sure that Norton Antivirus is temporarily disabled or it can result in problems upon reboot.

Fitting a Floppy Disk Drive to an iMedia 2422

The iMedia 2422 doesn't come with a floppy disk drive as standard but does have the necessary space and connections for one to be fitted. The only problem you will find is that after cabling it all in the PC won't detect the drive is present. This is because by default the FDC controller is set to disabled in the BIOS, something which may not be immediately apparent as the setting is hidden deep in the menu screens.

To get to the setting select the Advanced screen in the BIOS then go into "Integrated Peripherals" then "Onboard Super IO Device". In there you should see an option called "Onboard FDC Controller", you need to set this to Enabled. After changing that setting you need to go to the "Main" screen and set "Drive A" to the drive you're trying to install, normally this will be "1.44M, 3.5in".

In this case the iMedia 2422 had a Reno motherboard fitted so this may also apply to other models that have that same board.