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Packard Bell - Faxworks

Answering CallsBtrieve errors entering FaxWorks
Call Centre Buttons Greyed OutCannot Automatically Receive Faxes
"Closing Call Center Will Disable....""Control File Not Found" Error
Continually Tries to Send a FaxDefault Printer
Detects Wrong Modem SpeedDisable Telephone Function
Disabling Call Centre"Error dividing by 0" After Receiving a Fax
Fax On DemandFaxing From Within Other Programs
Faxworks and Year 2000Faxworks Coversheets
How can I install the FaxWorks printer driver ?How do I Save Faxworks Information ?
Machine Locks When Making a Phone CallMailbox Issues
[MCI] AG Error MessageNot Dropping the Line
Printing Faxes on ReceptionReinstalling Faxworks
Speakerphone Inoperable After Printing a FaxSpeakerphone Volumes

Answering Calls

When Faxworks receives a call, the first thing you'll generally see is a box saying ANSWER CALL. If you click on this, then you're taking the call direct, whether it is a phone or fax call. If it is a fax call, there is no way of switching back to auto answer and you've lost the call.

The solution is to wait a few seconds and the box will disappear. It will be replaced with either a "Recording Fax" or "Recording Message" box. If it is a telephone call then the Answer Call box will reappear. Click on it and talk away.

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Cannot Automatically Receive Faxes

Put an "X" in "Notify on Reception", in Call Centre / Setup / Fax Setup.

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Faxing From Within Other Programs

When faxing from Microsoft Word 7.0 using FaxWorks, the computer stops responding or the Send Fax dialog box does not appear. If the Send Fax dialog box does appear, the program may stop responding after entering the information then clicking Send Fax.

To solve this, you must disable background printing in Microsoft Word. Follow these steps to disable the background printing:

  • In Microsoft Word, click the Tools menu, then click Options.
  • In the Options dialog box, click the Print tab.
  • In the Printing Options section, clear the Background Printing check box, then click OK.
  • Click the File menu, then click Exit.
  • Open Microsoft Word again and try sending a fax.

When attempting to print a fax to FaxWorks from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, you may receive an error message stating "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup."

This can happen if the Faxworks printer is not be using the correct printer driver. Follow these steps to select the correct driver:

  • Click on Start, Settings, then Printers.
  • In the Printers window, select the FX-Works icon. Click File, then click Properties.
  • Click the Details tab, then select FX-WORKS from the list in the Print using the following driver dialog box. Click OK. Click File, then click Close.
  • Shutdown and restart the computer.

Microsoft Works 4.0 with FaxWorks error: "No default printer selected"

When you do not select a default printer in Microsoft® Works 4.0, and a you want to use the FaxWorks printer to send a fax from Works, you may receive an error message stating, "No default printer selected." This issue may occur even when FX_WORKS is selected as the default driver.

You must load a second printer driver on the computer.

If you own a printer, but have not loaded the printer driver, you must load the driver in order to select FaxWorks or load another printer driver. If the computer does not have an attached printer, you may select Generic Text Only. Set the second printer driver as the default printer. Enter Microsoft® Works 4.0. You should no longer receive an error message.

Exit Microsoft Works, then set the FX_WORKS printer driver as the default printer. If you choose, you may delete the second driver. You may now fax out of Microsoft Works.

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Disable Telephone Function

To only receive faxes on Call Centre, make the following changes -

  • In Voice Setup, make sure only Answer Calls has an X in it.
  • In Fax Setup, make sure only Notify on Reception, and Automatic Reception have an X in them.

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Disabling Call Centre

Edit the file C:\FMEDIA\FMEDIA.INI, and remove the lines


This will disable call centre so that it will have to be turned on when you want to use it.

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Not Dropping the Line

When someone phones you and the computer receives the call, if they hang up before the message has finished playing, the line is not dropped. Other people can phone in but the computer does not respond because it does not recognise that the last call has ended. To cure this, go into FAXWORKS.INI, under section [FAXWORKS] enter these lines -

silence deletion period=5000
silence sensitivity=2
silence deletion=1

Also set the EXIT_STRING = ATZ.

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Mailbox Issues

If Call Center comes up with various options greyed out, (e.g.Speakerphone or Voice and Fax Log), don't reinstall Faxworks! First check the title bar. Should say the following - "CALL CENTER - MAILBOX 1". If it just says "CALL CENTER" then that is the problem. There is no Mailbox loaded, and since each Mailbox has its own Phone Book and Voice and Fax Log, these options are greyed out. ANSWER: Click on MORE. Click on OPEN MAILBOX. Select a MAILBOX and OK.

If Call Center comes up with "CALL CENTER - ADMINISTRATOR" at the top, it has accidently been put into Administrator Mode. Click on MORE, and click on CLOSE MAILBOX. Then Click on OPEN MAILBOX immediately after and select MAILBOX 1 from the list. If you accidently select ADMINISTRATOR again, just close it and select another mailbox.

If you have had a lot of faxes, and Faxworks does not seem to be picking up the line anymore, this could be because Call Center allots a certain amount of disk space to each Mailbox. The default is 2Mb (which is not a lot, when you consider faxes are stored as TIFs, and ansafone messages could be recorded as well).

Click on SETUP, select the relevant Mailbox (eg MAILBOX 1). Click on CHANGE. In the following screen there is an option called "MAX MAILBOX SPACE (Mbytes)". This is defaulted to 2. Try changing it to a higher figure (e.g. 8).

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Reinstalling Faxworks

If you have the Faxworks setup disks, run A:\SETUP. Else do the following: (bit long-winded but quick)

In Explorer, locate DISKIMAG directory. Locate the folder 00358_004. Locate the folder DISK 1. Double click on SETUP in this folder (icon looks like a little yellow and blue heart)

Faxworks starts installing. Say Ok to overwrite everything unless you have created your own phonebook and/or greeting message, in which case choose NO so these aren't overwritten.

When installation asks for 2nd disk, put in disk. However, if you are running installation from DISKIMAG directory you will get a message "Insert disk 2" followed by a long directory string: "C:\DISKIMAG\00358_003\DISK1". Click mouse at end of line, and backspace the 1 out. Change it to 2 and click ok. And so on for DISK3.

When installation complete, check modem is installed in Windows first before doing anything else. Faxworks will setup, query the modem, and appear to run, right up to the moment you try to send a fax - even without a modem installed! Go to Settings, Control Panel, and Modems. If Hardware Wizard comes up, then there is no modem installed. Click on Next to detect (don't tick the "I will select from a list" box). You will see it scanning the available ports. Make sure it scans both COM4 and COM2. It should find a modem on COM2. If it does not scan COM2, then the port may not be installed.

If not detecting, check System, Device Manager, and see if there is a COM2 installed. If there isn't you will have to run Hardware Wizard and manually install a Communications port. It should pick up a port at 2F8 and IRQ 3. Close WIN and restart. Go back into Modems and redetect. Should pick up 28.8 Data Fax on COM2.

Go through the Faxworks Quick Setup.

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Error - Control File Not Found

I get the message "Unable to access fax control file" in Faxworks after Master CD restoration

After the installation of the Master CD, Faxworks is missing some empty folders under the C:\FAXWORKS folder. The names of these folders are:


This issue can be resolved by either creating the above folders manually, or by reinstalling Faxworks from the installation disks.

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"Closing Call Center Will Disable Call Answering and Fax Receiving...."

If you get this message when you try and close Call Center, it is because FMedia is not running. Check the file WIN.INI and on the RUN= line check that C:\FMEDIA\FMEDIA.EXE is present.

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Continually Tries to Send a Fax

Sometimes when a fax cannot be delivered, it gets jammed in the Scheduled Fax list, and Faxworks will continually try to send it or give an [MCI] AG error message. To clear this, shutdown windows and restart in MSDOS mode.

  • Then type in CD\FAXWORKS\QUEUEOUT.
  • DEL *.* and press Enter.
  • Restart the computer.

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Default Printer

When you try to print a received fax, faxworks keeps on saying that the default printer is set up as faxworks, even though it isn't.

Edit faxworks.ini. Should be a line "default printer=". There should be nothing after the '=' if you want to use the standard windows printer.

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Faxworks Coversheets

It looks like this is an option only in the full, non-PB version. However, there is a fix-y fiddly type way if you REALLY want to.

The cover sheets are stored in \GRAPHICS directory, and they are TIFs. Copy one to another directory, rename it, and load it into something like Paintshop Pro. Redo it as you like it. Copy it back into Graphics directory. There is also an associated file of the same name (like a control file). Copy one of these (any one, doesn't matter) to another directory, rename it with the same name as the new TIF, and copy it back. So you now have 4 Tifs and 4 control files. In Faxworks you will now have a scroll bar in the Cover Sheets section, with your own sheet as an option.

Only problem I can see with this is the control file seems to deal with positioning of the NOTES section on the Cover sheet, and since the control file is gibberish you will end up with any NOTES being placed in the same section of the file as the one you copied.

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Printing Faxes on Reception

Faxworks has the capability to print faxes on receipt - this is accessed via SETUP then FAX SETUP from CALL CENTER and placing a check mark along side PRINT ON RECEPTION.

However, FAXWORKS sets itself up as the default printer and accordingly the print on reception feature will not work - you will need to set your printer as the default printer for this feature to work.

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Speakerphone Volumes

If incoming/outgoing phone calls are very quiet, first check the speakerphone volume in call center, and then go into the modem properties and push up speaker volume.

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Call Centre Buttons Greyed Out

If Call Center comes up with various options greyed out, (e.g.Speakerphone or Voice and Fax Log), don't reinstall Faxworks! First check the title bar. Should say the following - "CALL CENTER - MAILBOX 1".

If it just says "CALL CENTER" then that is the problem. There is no Mailbox loaded, and since each Mailbox has its own Phone Book and Voice and Fax Log, these options are greyed out.

ANSWER: Click on MORE. Click on OPEN MAILBOX. Select a MAILBOX and OK.

If that doesn't solve it then there could be a sent fax getting jammed in the Outbox. To clear this, shutdown windows and restart in MSDOS mode.

  • Then type in CD\FAXWORKS\QUEUEOUT.
  • DEL *.* and press Enter.
  • Restart the computer.

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Fax On Demand

To set the Fax on Demand (FOD) feature up, do the following -

  • The images first of all must be TIFS, the easiest way of getting the image to become a TIF is to send it to another fax machine, the image is then stored under CONCLUDED FAXES (you can get the filename from VOICE & FAX LOG)
  • To set up, from the CALL CENTRE, click on MORE, FAX ON DEMAND - The PRIVATE FAX ON DEMAND is a security measure, where the caller must know the number of the 'page' to send (you can store up to 10 different filenames)
  • Click on the number you wish to assign the fax pages to (0 - 9) and then click ADD, you must enter the filename and description of each FOD, and then RECORD A MESSAGE FOR IT.
  • When finished click CLOSE

For the caller to get the FOD feature, they must press 9 whilst the out going message is initially being played - so you may need to revise the mailbox greeting.

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Faxworks and the year 2000

Unfortunately, Faxworks is an older product, and was not programmed at its time of design to recognise year 2000 dates. If the computer date is past the year 2000, the year portion of the date on the quick fax window will be listed as 10 or 100. If this date is changed to 00, the next time the quick fax window is accessed, the date will revert back to 10 or 100. The date on the headers for sent and received faxes should be listed correctly. The only problem you will have is in the Voice and Fax log, the date will not be listed under New, Viewed, Scheduled or Concluded Faxes.

Also, in the Voice and Fax log, the date column will display the word "IF" under New and Old messages. So you will not be able to track when faxes and voice calls were sent or received. As such there are no updated patches or versions available to cure this.

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Machine Locks When Making a Phone Call

I have a Packard Bell computer with a Rocky II fax/modem/soundcard. I have configured my communications program FaxWorks 3.00g.234 for pulse, but when I attempt to make a phone call from the Call Center, the computer stops responding.

The reason for this is that the phone line jack is not connected to the modem plug of the Rocky II card. Connect the phone cable jack to the modem plug and press the Reset button to restart the computer.

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How can I install the FaxWorks printer driver ?

In order to install the FaxWorks printer driver please follow the procedure below:

  • Click the Start button, select Find and click Files or Folders...
  • In the Named: box type: *.REG and click Find Now
  • An additional box will drop down in which all files with the extension REG will be listed. Scroll down to locate FAXWORKS.REG and double-click this file. This will display:
    • The information in C:\FAXWORKS\FAXWORKS.REG has been successfully entered into the registry.
  • Click OK to close the window
  • In the Named: box type: PB.EXE and click Find Now
  • Double-click the file PB.EXE from the directory C:\FAXWORKS and follow the quick installation instructions Restart the computer by clicking the Start button, Shut Down..., select Restart the computer? and click Yes to confirm.

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"Error dividing by 0" After Receiving a Fax

After receiving a fax message the error "Error dividing by 0" comes up on screen. The Call Center of my FaxWorks program cannot be reached again as it closes immediately after showing this error message.

A corrupted or damaged fax message is the cause of this error. Deleting the corrupted fax message from the folder C:\FAXWORKS\RECEIVE will correct the situation. To determine which fax message exactly is causing the error, please follow these steps:

  • Click the Start button, select Programs and click the Windows Explorer icon
  • Open the folder C:\FAXWORKS\RECEIVE where you will see all your fax messages
  • Move all fax messages by dragging them with the secondary mouse button into another folder
  • It is possible to move the fax messages back, for example one at a time. As soon as the error message reoccurs the corrupted/damaged fax message is localised. It then is advisable to delete this specific fax message.

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How do I Save Faxworks Information ?

If for any reason you need to delete and reinstall Faxworks, it's a good idea to back up certain customised elements of the program (voice messages, phone books, etc.) so that you don't have to start over when reinstalling the program. Before you delete, back up, or uninstall, make sure that you have the Call Center completely closed.

In Faxworks, the data is stored in the following locations :

  • C:\FAXWORKS\DOWNLOAD - Contains files downloaded from a BBS or another host.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\GREETING - Contains all pre-recorded voice greetings and newly recorded mailbox greetings.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\VOICENEW - Contains new voice messages for all mailboxes, that have not been listened to.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\VOICEOLD - Contains voice messages which have been listened to.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\FOD - Contains all Fax on Demand, Private Fax on Demand, Message Retrieval, and Document Retrieval files.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\GRAPHICS - Contains FaxWorks cover sheets.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\QUEUEIN - Contains all incoming faxes which have yet to be viewed.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\RECEIVE - Contains all incoming faxes which have been viewed.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\QUEUEOUT - Contains all outgoing faxes which have yet to be sent
  • C:\FAXWORKS\SEND - Contains a copy of all sent/aborted faxes.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\HOST - When FaxWorks is in host mode, users have access to this sub-directory.
  • C:FAXWORKS\UPLOAD - Contains file uploaded to a BBS or another host.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\SCRIPTS - Contains BBS script files.
  • C:\FAXWORKS\FX_PHBK.DAT - This file contains phone book entries.

To save any information simply copy it from the above location to a different directory or a disk. After you reinstall Faxworks, copy the information back to the C:\Faxworks directory. Overwrite any files created during the new installation.

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Speakerphone Inoperable After Printing a Fax

After printing out a fax, the speakerphone option in FaxWorks may become inoperable.

This issue occurs when the default printer name contains more than 26 characters. The printer must be renamed so it contains 26 characters or less. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • Close Call Center.
  • Click on Start, Find, Files and Folders.
  • In the Named Box, search for the file Faxworks.ini
  • Select the Faxworks.ini file when it is located. Press the ENTER key to open the file. Look for the [RECEIVE] section. In this section, locate Default Printer=. Delete everything after the equal sign on that line. Do not delete any other lines before or after the Default Printer= line.
  • Click File, then click Save.
  • Once the document is saved, click File , then Exit.
  • On your screen, locate and click the Start button. From the Start menu, point to Settings, then click Printers
  • In the Printers window, select the default printer.
  • Click File, then click Rename. Press the END key. Now, press the BACK SPACE key until the printer name's length is 26 characters or less. This includes spaces. When you are finished, press ENTER.
  • Once the name has been changed, press ENTER. Once FaxWorks is opened, the speakerphone will operate correctly after printing out a fax.

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Btrieve errors entering FaxWorks

When entering FaxWorks version 3.12, random btrieve errors occur. These errors often change in regards to the status and location information.

This happens when another piece of software overwrites the wbtrcall.dll file.

Firstly verify that the Win.ini file contains the line options=/p:2048 /u:2 under the [btrieve] section.

Next verify the date and size of the C:\Windows\system\wbtrcall.dll file, by following these steps.

  • Click on Start, Find, then click Files or Folders.
  • In the Named dialog box, type: wbtrcall.dll and verify that the Look in dialog box shows C:\.
  • Click Find Now. In the file list at the bottom of the screen, look at the Size and Modified listings.
  • FaxWorks requires the size to be either 51KB with a modified date of 8/10/93, or 16KB with a modified date of 5/20/94.
  • If the settings on the Find screen are different then rename the wbtrcall.dll file by right-clicking on it in the Find screen and clicking Rename from the menu. Type:, then press ENTER.
  • Close the Find screen.
  • FaxWorks will now need to be reinstalled so the correct version of the file will be installed.

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Detects Wrong Modem Speed

When the modem diagnostics in FaxWorks are performed on a 28.8 or 33.6 MHz modems, FaxWorks detects the Maximum Send Speed (Fax) and Maximum Receive Speed (Fax) as 14,400 bps.

No change is necessary. This identification is normal. FaxWorks is only displaying the fax capabilities of the modem which is 14,400 bps send and receive. FaxWorks Terminal still operates at 28,800 bps or higher.

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