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Packard Bell Easy Lite Notebook

CD program GCSE Not Supplied

The documentation of my Easy Lite notebook refers to a CD-ROM/program called GCSE but I can not find it in the software bundle supplied with my system.

Although still mentioned in the documentation of your system, the CD-ROM/program GCSE is no longer supplied with the Easy Lite.

Winphone Lite has no Voice Option

I have an Easy Lite notebook. When I used the Winphone Lite program I noticed that it does not have voice options available. I would like to know why ?

The reason that there are no voice options available in Winphone Lite, is that the PSION DACOM 56K faxmodem does not support voice. This modem can only be used for faxing or for connecting to your Internet provider for sending and receiving e-mails or browsing the web.

Touchpad Sensitivity

The touchpad of my Easy Lite seems too sensitive. I have experienced unexpected reactions, such as the pointer jumps from one side of the screen to the other or quickly moving the pointer sometimes results in a double-click action or in dragging of icons or objects. How can I use my notebook correctly ?

The touchpad of the Easy Lite has been built around a resistive technology, instead of a capacitive technology like the other touchpads. You may therefore experience a slightly different reaction during its use when compared to other touchpads. This may lead to unexpected reactions that are entirely due to the hardware technology and not to any specific driver.

Changing the double-click settings for the touchpad will help, but to be able to use efficiently the notebook, the only real solution is to practice in order to get used to this new type of touchpad. To set the double-click speed to fast, do as follows :

  • Click the Start button, select Settings and click Control Panel
  • Double-click the Mouse icon to open the Mouse Properties window
  • Click the Buttons tab
  • Set the Double-click speed to Fast and click OK