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Packard Bell 9266 FAQ

Not Detecting Soundcard

The sound card is a Yamaha based sound system and is integrated into the motherboard, and Packard Bell in there infinite wisdom seem to be shipping with it "Disabled".

To enabled it go into the BIOS by pressing F1, and select "Advanced Configuration", then select "Peripheral Configuration". There is a listing for the following -

Audio [Disabled]

Change it to enabled and Windows 95 should detect and install the drivers.

When installed correctly the Yamaha soundcard shows under its own heading in Device Manager rather than the usual Sound, Video and Games Controllers. If it is showing under Other Devices, then remove it and restart the computer, and it should install it properly.

Comm Central

Some Packard Bell 9266 machines were shipped with Packard Bell's telephone software Comm Central on them. The only problem is that Comm Central is not compatible with the modem supplied in these machines and it does not work.

The user guide may also mention that Comm Central can be found on these machines, this is due to the fact that the user manual is generic across several systems.

Machine Not Booting

When you switch the machine on it gets as far as Keyboard and Mouse detected, then stops. It won't let you enter the BIOS or boot using the Recovery Media. Check the Sleep Button on the front of the machine. Sometimes this gets jammed in, and it will normally require an engineer to free it.