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Packard Bell 900 Series - Software

Audio CalendarCompuserve 1.4
Corel Draw 4Create System Disks
DescentEncarta 95
Explorer Loads on StartupLotus Organiser
Master CDMicrosoft Works 3.0
MS DOS in MonochromeNavigator
Publisher - Business CardsPublisher - Clipart/Filter Errors
Sammys & BaileysThinking Things - Missing Icons
Virtual Chess

Audio Calendar Illegal Operation

If this come up immediately, just search for cal.* on HDD and delete any config files. Will then start up okay. This may remove old appointments.

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Sammys & Baileys Printing

This concerns Sammy's Science House and Bailey's Book House kids programs supplied with the machine.

Down on the right of the screen is usually a little colour picture of a printer...that doesn't look exactly like a printer. Click on it, and it should print.

Sometimes there is no printer icon at all. Solution: (you can do this from the MS-Dos prompt in Windows).

  • Type INSTALL and press ENTER
  • Next list will probably say -NO PRINTER INSTALLED-
  • Choose printer from list.
  • Next few screens are Soundcard setup. Should already be on Soundblaster pro settings. Carry on through these settings.
  • Press Enter, and you end up at C:\prompt.
  • Go back into Windows and it should be back

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On a PB with an MWAVE card, in the SETUP.EXE of Descent the "Digital Sound Card" needs to be set to Sound Blaster and the "Music Card" needs to be set to Sound Blaster Pro/16 (OPL3) or will sometimes work if set to Sound Blaster (OPL2).

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Lotus Organiser Phone Dialling

Using the phone dialler in Lotus Organiser on PBell. As soon as the line is answered at the other end, you hear people talking through the speakers, but cannot talk through the microphone.

This is not a problem. It is a feature(!!). The Lotus phone dialler is not for talking through. It is only for connecting the call. You then must pick up an external phone to continue the conversation. Lotus continues on the PC, timing the call. You can then enter things like costings and call logging.

If the phone dialler doesn't dial at all, then click on OPTIONS, select AUTODIALER. Change Port from COM1 to COM2.

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Virtual Chess

If you get this problem where the game won't work because WING32.DLL is 'missing' then you will have to run the INSTALL.BAT from the INSTALL directory on the CD-ROM. i.e. D:\INSTALL\INSTALL.BAT you can then run D:\VCHESSW.EXE

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Corel Draw 4

Despite what it says in the manual, the version of Corel Draw 4 that comes with the Packard Bell 900 series computers does not have a toolbar menu at the top of the screen. The only icon based menu is the floating menu down the left hand side of the screen.

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Create System Disks

After creating the system disks, some of the disks turned out to be corrupted. What can you do ? You cannot run the set again, as all the files have been deleted.

Here is the Solution!

  • Using Master CD, choose option 2, Restore Part of Hard Drive.
  • Select the following directory section: C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\
  • This will restore the whole Create System Disks program, including resetting certain INI files.
  • Then go back to option 2 and restore the necessary Diskimag directories (see table below)
  • When you restart Windows you will be able to run Create System Disks again, and all the options available will be back in the list.

The Diskimag directories are as follows -

Windows 95 DisksC:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS    30 Disks
MS MoneyC:\DISKIMAG\0117_0012 Disks
MS Entertainment PackC:\DISKIMAG\0145_0011 Disk
Lotus OrganiserC:\DISKIMAG\0170_0011 Disk
MS Works 3.0C:\DISKIMAG\0073_0034 Disks
MS PublisherC:\DISKIMAG\0105_0015 Disks
Checkers (Dames)C:\DISKIMAG\0342_0011 Disk
FM RadioC:\DISKIMAG\0282_0041 Disk
FaxworksC:\DISKIMAG\0358_0043 Disks
Compuserve (Wincim)C:\DISKIMAG\0234_0021 Disk
Compuserve (Netlaunch)    C:\DISKIMAG\0295_0011 Disk
BridgeC:\DISKIMAG\0330_0011 Disk
FMediaC:\DISKIMAG\0300_0061 Disk

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Explorer Starts Every Time Windows 95 Starts

One or more instances of explorer starts every time you start windows. Look in win.ini and check the number of spaces between items in the load= and run= lines. If there is more than one space, explorer will start once for each space. Also check for commas at the end of these lines and take out any you find.

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Publisher - Clipart/Filter Errors

If you don't seem to be able to use the MS Clipart Gallery or you keep getting "Unable to start filter" type messages. Then Deltree MSAPPS directory and reinstall from the Publisher Setup disks.

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Publisher - Business Cards

Using Page Wizard Assistant - Business Card & Paper. If the printer is set for A4 size paper - business cards will be in one column down the centre. If the printer is set for Letter 8.5 x 11 - business cards will be in two columns filling the page.

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Compuserve 1.4

Not Working in Navigator

If Wincim will work in Navigator but not from Win95, check out Compuserve Information Manager, goto the Special menu, then Preferences, and General. You will find that the directory where the scripts are stored is listed as C:\SCRIPTS, this should read C:\CSERVE\SCRIPTS. The same applies to all directories in this section.


If compuserve (v1.4) comes back with the WINSOCK.DLL error, then you need to rename WINSOCK.000 to WINSOCK.DLL, because FAXWORKS has replaced it.

Compuserve Not Saving Changes

Ever had that sinking feeling when trying to get WINCIM to accept that the modem is on COM2? Tired of having to re-enter the COM settings every time you sign up with Compuserve?

There may be two INI files in the WINDOWS directory WINCIM.INI, CSERVE.INI, delete these beauties.

Delete the CSERVE directory. Use EXPLORER to browse the DISKIMAG directory, looking out for 0234_002. Choose disk 1 and run SETUP. Let setup run and hopefully WINCIM will now function as promised.

Initialisation String

In the initialise box type -
AT S0=0 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &Q5 S46=136 &k3 ^M
all the letters have to be in capitals and 0 are ZERO's OK.

It does work as well. Reason being Compuserve can't handle Software Flow Control, and it has to be hardware.

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Encarta 95

CD Unreadable

If when you run the CD, it comes up with a blue screen saying UNABLE TO READ CD, then this problem may actually due to a faulty installation. DELTREE ENCARTA Directory from MS-DOS, then re-install. You cannot re-install without deleting the directory first, as the CD-ROM still reports unreadable.

Loading Paint

Sometimes Encarta loads up MSPAINT when you try to print text. Click on the INFORMATION icon on the toolbar (A little blue circle with an "I" in the middle of it). A menu should drop down, click on Settings, in the Settings box click on Choose Word Processor. It should bring up a Dialog box, select you're preferred Word Processor, ie Notepad or Wordpad, and click on OK.

Printing from Encarta 95

With a topic on the screen, there will be a toolbar at the top. This says Find, Go Back, Features, and Tools. Don't go anywhere near it.

Below this is the currently viewed Topic. Both the Graphic Image, and the Text section will have a toolbar above them (might be called INTRODUCTION or something similar). Click on Toolbar above the Text. There is a drop-down menu, with an option on it called PRINT ARTICLE. Click on that to print the text. To print the Graphic Image, click on the bar above the graphic. You can either Enlarge, Copy Image (to clipboard) or Print Image.

Sound Problems

Encarta 95 in the world language section & MIDI files run OK in all sections of the program, but when you try to run a phrase from the world language section, the CD-ROM drive lights up but no sound is heard.


Loading Encarta gives an error something like " missing mmsystem326 audio "

Solution -

  • Click Next, then "No", Then Next again
  • Choose Sound Video Game Controllers, then Next
  • Choose "Microsoft Audio Codecs" and on the right choose "adpcm codecs"
  • Click next, then finish
  • After the thing re-starts you should hear the sound in all its glory

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Master CD

Bad CRC / Not Copying Files

If you get the following problems with the Master CD,

  • CRC - Bad Header-type messages appearing
  • Rebooting gives you weird errors (Bad or missing HIMEM.SYS, ends up at C:\PISETUP prompt etc)

The following will solve these problems:

  • Insert the Master CD and Floppy disk. Restart the computer.
  • From the menu, choose option 6 (Exit).
  • At the A:\> prompt, type in EDIT AUTOEXEC.BAT and press Enter.
  • Search for the line A:\SMARTDRV.EXE /U and change it to A:\SMARTDRV.EXE C+ 1024
  • Ensure disk is write-enabled.
  • Save the changes (ALT+F) and exit. Restart the computer. Master CD should run properly now

Disk Dur Protage Error

After running the Master CD, the above error occurs, stopping the final Windows Setup. The cure is to restart and press F8 to enter the Microsoft Startup Menu, and chose the step-by-step confirmation. Select Yes to every line, except for the line - C:\PBTOOLS\CHECK.EXE > NUL - enter No for this line. The machine will then delete all the temporary files, and reset itself up properly.

16 bit compatibility mode after MCD

After reinstalling in Windows, you get the message, 'Windows is working in Dos compatibility mode' and the machine is doing an impression of a slug.

Solution: There was an unknown device in device manager. Removed it, rebooted and the machine ran as sweet as a nut.

Cannot Find Master.Lst

On "some" boot disks for the Euro Recovery CD, the CD rom drive designation letter is forced to S: rather than the normal D: - this situation will cause the PC to report cannot find MASTER.LST (which is on the CD) or similar.

If you suspect something check out AUTOEXEC.BAT on the boot floppy, look for MSCDEX, if it contains the /L: switch on the tag end of the line delete it - the /L:{drive letter} forces the cd rom to a drive letter, this will cause major probs on a single HD drive system and the reading of files off the CD.

"Cannot SYS a Network Drive"

The above message appears when running the Master CD. The reason for it is it cannot detect the Hard Disk Drive and is trying to Format the CD-Drive.

To get round this, do the following,

  • Exit from the Master CD menu (Option 6), back to the MS-DOS Prompt.
  • Type in FDISK and press Enter.
  • Choose option 4 (Display Partition), and check to see if partitions are listed. If they are, then make a note of what type of partition they are (ie Pri-DOS, Non-DOS).
    • Press Esc to get back to the menu.
    • Choose Option 3 (Delete Partition)
    • Choose the option which corresponds with the Partition type, and delete the Partition.
    • Repeat this until all the partitions have been deleted.
    • Press Esc to get back to the menu
  • Choose option 1(Create Partition).
  • Choose option 1 again (Create Primary DOS Partition), and choose the option to use all available space.
  • Restart the computer, and when it runs back to the menu, option 3 should work.

If, when you run FDISK for the first time it gives an error message along the lines "Cannot Find Drive", then you have a faulty Hard Disk Drive.

"The CD in the Drive is not the Good One"

This message is given by the Master CD floppy disk, if the floppy disk does not match the Master CD in the drive. For example, a PB9000 series floppy disk reports the message when presented with a 900 series CD-ROM.

Wrong Version of Master CD Used

When using certain versions of the Master CD before reaching the blue disclaimer screen you are presented with an error :


To get round this,

  • From D:\WIN95
  • This should return the first blue disclaimer screen
  • Select option 3 Format Hard Drive
  • Select option 1 Restore

"Insufficient Memory - Format Terminated"

When trying to use the Format option on the PBell Master CD, you get the above error message. The solution -

  • Restart the computer, and press F1 to enter Setup.
  • Go to ADVANCED
  • This will probably be set to 512.
  • Highlight this option, press Enter and you can change it back to 640.
  • F10 to save and exit.

#103 Error

If you have version 7 of the Master CD and version 3 floppy then you may get the above message when running the Master CD. The solution is to edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT on the floppy diskette. On the line that refers to

lh A:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD0001 /M:30 take out the /M:30

also on the line lh A:\SMARTDRV.EXE /U take out the /U

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Microsoft Works 3.0

Conversion Files/Clipart Problems

If you get the error message "Cannot load conversion files" or errors accessing the Clipart Gallery, then,

  • Exit Works.
  • Make 4 Works disks from Create Systems Disks (if not done already).
  • Run Setup on Disk 1
  • Take Tick out of TEXT CONVERTERS or CLIPART
  • Click Continue. Setup removes these modules, then exits.
  • Run Setup again, and put the tick back.

Label Printing

When you try to print your own address labels, all you get is one label in the top left hand corner.

This is not a problem, it is feature (!). What you are probably doing is loading a blank WP doc, clicking onTOOLS, then ENVELOPES AND LABELS, then MAILING LABELS, and putting the address in. This won't work.

The Mailing Labels feature in Works is primarily for a Mail Shot (ie printing out loads of individual labels from a database of addresses). The way round this is to create a quick database with only one record in it (your name, address, etc), then going into List View on the database. This shows it in spreadsheet format. Select the first record and use Cut and Paste to duplicate it down the page for as many records as you have labels on a page (e.g. 3 by 6).

You can then use the Mailing Labels and Print Merge to merge a blank doc with the database and print out a single sheet of labels. PS You can't have more than 4 labels across a page - limitation of Works.)

How to Make Works 3 Run Quicker

Edit the file C:\WINDOWS\MSWORKS3.INI, and look for the [MSworks] section. Change the Show3dDialogs=1 to Show3dDialogs=0.

Whatever you do, don't change CrashWindowsAfterFiveMinutes=0 to =1, and on no account touch FormatHardDriveOnSave=0.

Cannot use Clipart Gallery or Filter Errors

Deltree MSAPPS directory and delete MSWORKS3.INI from the Windows directory. Reinstall from Works setup disks.


When in Communications in Works, if you only have a 5 second countdown when transmitting instead of the usual 60, then check in settings and make sure that DATA BITS is set to 8 and not 7.

File Already Open....

When trying to save files you get the message "File may already be open" or something along those lines. As daft as it may sound, check the printer driver, and try changing it to another printer, ie if it is a BJC4100 change it to a BJC4000.

"IF" Command in Spreadsheet

If when trying to execute the IF command in the spreadsheet it just refuses to do it, then try changing the printer driver to a compatible driver.

"Cannot Find File" or Automatically Loading Last Document

Everytime you go into Microsoft Works, it tries to load the last document you worked on. The solution go to the Tools menu and Choose Options. In there take the tick out of the Saved Workspace box.

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Packard Bell Navigator

Removing Navigator From Startup

In Windows, click on Start and then RUN. In the Run box type in SYSEDIT and click on OK. Look for the file C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI and on the RUN= line remove C:\NAV\NAV.EXE.

If that doesn't work go into Start/Settings/Taskbar / Start Menu Programs/ Remove and remove it from the Startup group.

To remove Navigator from the computer completely, after doing the above, delete the C:\NAV folder.

ODBC 16 Bit Database Driver Installation

Try this if you are having problems with Navigator, ie all the items on the table are greyed out or it complains that the Access Database language isn't installed.

  • In Control Panel select "ODBC"
  • Select "ADD..." in Data Sources
  • Select "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)"
  • Under the Data Source Name,type the following line (case sensitive) - Ark Language Resources
  • Under Database, select the "Select " button
  • Under Database Name, type the appropriate name: NOTE THAT THE PATH TO LANGUAGE.MDB DEPENDS ON THE VERSION OF NAVIGATOR...
    • For Nav 3.9 C:\Books\LANGUAGE.MDB
    • For Nav 3.6 C:\ARKDB\LANGUAGE.MDB
    • For Nav 3.5 C:\NAV\DB\LANGUAGE.MDB
  • 7 Close ODBC setup.

Removing Navigator Password

Goto the C:\NAV directory and delete NAV.INF

Nav Online Manuals

Here is how to access all the online PBell manuals, without using the Navigator program.


Loads the Multimedia Viewer. Click on FILE and OPEN and you get a list of MVB files covering such things as Pentium Users Guide, Getting Started, MSMoney, Troubleshooting, Remote Control etc.

Incidentally, you can also run the Navigator tutorial (should you so desire), without Navigator loaded.


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MSDOS in Monochrome

If you find that DOS programs are lacking in the colour department, then go into the BIOS Setup / Advanced / Advanced Chipset Setup and Disable the PCI Burst rate.

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Thinking Things - Missing Icons

When you go into Thinking Things, you get an error "Unable to Change Video Modes", and icons are missing from the bottom of the screen. Go into Display Settings and change the Desktop Area from 640x400 to 640x480 and click on Apply.

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