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Ami ProBarbie Fashion Designer
DJ600 - Not Printing ColourDJ660c and Faxworks
DJ690C and Bi-Di CommsDJ690c and Win NT 3.5
HP 820cxi InstallationStatus Monitor Minimised
DJ820cxi - Printing ErrorsDJ890 Professional
DJ Printers and EnvelopesError "HPFTBX07" With HP660C
Fatal Exception ErrorsGrolier Encyclopedia
HP Scanjet ScannerOfficejet 350
Officejet 590 Scanning ColourPrinting Odd Characters
Problems Printing Faxes

If you need the user manual or software for your printer then you can download it from the Support & Drivers section of the Hewlett Packard website.

HP DJ600 Not Printing Colour

When you print a document containing colour text or images to a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 600 printer using version 7.0 of the printer driver, the entire document may be printed in grayscale. The printer driver may display a message prompting you to install the black cartridge in the printer.

This behaviour can occur if the first page of the document does not contain any colour text or images. The ColorSmart feature of the printer driver analyzes only the first page of the document. If the first page contains no colour, the driver assumes that the entire document should be printed in grayscale. Neither the manual nor automatic settings in the printer driver have any effect on this behaviour.

Solution : Insert colour text or a colour image on the first page of the document, or print the document as two separate jobs, starting the second job on the first page with colour.

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Hp660c and Faxworks

Please note that when installing this printer with the default drivers (that came with the printer), the FAX-WORKS printer icon will disappear.

You will need to DELETE the 660 printer, install 550c printer When the prompt appears from WIN95 to install 660 driver say DONT INSTALL DRIVER, DONT PROMPT AGAIN. Then reinstall FAXWORKS.

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HP Setup Cannot Find File DDEML.DLL

Windows NT 3.5 Problem only I think....HP 690c. The file is contained on the computer with NT Installed but needs to be copied to C:\WINNT35\SYSTEM\DDEML.DLL

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HP 820cxi Installation

When installing the print drivers on the HP 820cxi it may come with a conflict installing sconfig.dll. Apparently this file controls the File manager in win 3x, but there is a file with same name on the install disks. Remove the file from Windows\system in Dos and then return to Windows and you can reinstall printer driver with no problems. The file is replaced with the file off the floppy disk and it works fine.

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HP DJ Printers & Blank Sheets/Odd Characters at Top of Sheets

This problem occurred with a HP693C printer, before any print job in Win95 a sheet of paper with a series of @ symbols appeared at the top of the page - the print job then completed as normal.

Solution: The problem is good old LPT.VXD according to HP and can happen on any PC running WIN95 using one of the later HP Deskjets, The user needs to replace this file with the newer version from either:

2. Win95 Service pack

Use either Windows or DOS to copy the file BUT remember to rename the original file first to be on the safe side.

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HP System Monitor Won't Maximize

ISSUE: The Status Monitor fails to maximize into a normal window. It appears on the Taskbar just fine.

(n.b. this will obviously apply to many other programs with similar symptoms; most of it is obvious but it does crop up a number of times so might be of use)

SOLUTION: With the Status Monitor showing in the Taskbar, follow the procedure below to resolve the issue.

  • Right-click on a blank space on the Taskbar.
  • Select Minimise All Windows.
  • The menu will disappear.
  • Right-click on a blank space on the Taskbar again.
  • Select Undo Minimise All Windows (or maximize if available).
  • The Status Monitor should open maximised.

ISSUE: Maximising the Status Monitor still does not happen. Describe other available options.

SOLUTION: Try the following if the above solution was not successful:

  • Right-click on a blank space on the Taskbar.
  • Select Cascade.
  • The menu will disappear.
  • Right-click on a blank space on the Taskbar again.
  • Select Undo Cascade.
  • The Status Monitor should open Maximising.

QUESTION: Still no response occurred.

ANSWER: One more procedure exists to try:

1. Open the appropriate printer driver's .ini file and go to the [HPRDSM01] section (for example, HPFDJC02.ini for the 600 series, HPFDJC02.ini for the 660Cse, or HPRDJC03.ini for the 850C series).

2. Set x= and y= both to 100. 3. Save changes and restart Microsoft Windows.

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HP Officejet 350

The HP Officejet 350 Scanner Printer Fax. This machine will not work with Microsoft Exchange. It instead uses something called Officejet manager. The HP will also only receive faxes with the PC switched on when Officejet manager is running. To check it is set up properly go into Officejet manager-Options-PC Faxing -Enable PC Faxing Checkbox - now choose send to printer or to PC.

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HP Printers and Envelopes

Envelopes print in the wrong orientation on the HP DeskJet 520, 540, 550C, and 560C printers when printing from Word For Windows v 2.0 in Windows 3.1.

Solution : Update the printer driver to the HP DeskJet 500 printer series v5.0 driver. To check for the version of the driver currently being used, complete the following steps:

  • Select FILE.
  • Choose PRINT SETUP.
  • Choose the SETUP button.

The screen will display either:

  • A version number in the bottom right corner.
  • A grey screen will appear. Check the blue bar at the top for a version number following the name of the product. If a version number does not appear, double click on the minus sign in the upper left corner and select ABOUT. The version number will display on the screen. If the version number is earlier than v5.0 then update to the HP DeskJet 500 printer driver v5.0.

If the version number is 5.0:

  • Close all windows applications.
  • Go to the MAIN icon and open File Manager.
  • In the C:\Windows directory, locate the file named HPVCNFIG.EXE.
  • Select the file name to open the HPVCNFIG.Ini Modification Utility.
  • Choose the CONTINUE button once the warning has been read.
  • Place an X in the "Word 2.0 envelopes" check box.
  • Choose OK.

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Barbie Fashion Designer

The Barbie Fashion designer will only print on an HP printer if you go into the printer properties and change the spooler options to "Print Directly to Printer". Also in Win 3.1, the Print Manager must be disabled.

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Ami Pro and HP Printers

If you get error messages when trying to print from Ami Pro into a HP printer, then you need to disable the Ami Pro print Spooler. To do this you need to,

  • In Ami Pro, goto Tools/User Setup/Options.
  • Remove the X from the "Print in Background" option.
  • Click on Okay, then click on Okay again.

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Officejet 590 Scanning Colour

The Officejet 590 will print in colour, but will only scan in 256 greyscale, it was not designed to scan in colour.

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DJ890 Professional - Removing & Replacing Carts

If you ever need to check the cartridges in one of these printers, without the printer assuming that you've installed new ones, then do the following, -

  • Lift the lid on the printer - The head moves to the center.
  • Disconnect the POWER lead from the printer.
  • Remove the offending cartridge.

After checking the cartridges,

  • Put the cartridge back in.
  • Reconnect the power.
  • Follow on screen instructions (The printer will notice you've disconnected the power and run a check).

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Error "HPFTBX07" With HP660C

The first thing to try if you get the above error is to reinstall the printer drivers. If this doesn't work, then try the following,

  • Edit the file HPDJC07
  • Find the line 2DSMENABLE=0100 (or 200) and change it to 2DSMENABLE=0000
  • Save the changes, then restart the computer.

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Grolier Encyclopedia

If you are having problems printing text or graphics on a HP600 series printer from the encyclopedia, you need to get hold of the latest printer drivers, and install them.

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DJ690C and Bi-Di Communications

If your DJ690C printer keeps having communications errors, try the following, -

  • Click on Start / Settings / Printers / Right Click on the Printer / Choose Properties.
  • Turn the printer off.
  • Select the Services Tab.
  • Click on Test Communications.

Because the printer is switched off, the communications test fails, then you just click on "OK" to disable two way communications, and all should be fine.

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Fatal Exception Running Add New Hardware Wizard

After installing HP OfficeJet Series 300 printer driver and Device Manager software, a attempt to detect new hardware using Add New Hardware Wizard may cause a fatal exception error 06, 0E, 0C, or 0D. This is because the HP OfficeJet Series 300 Device Manager clashes with Windows 95 Plug and Play.

Start the Close Program dialog box by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Click HPOJDMAN in the list of tasks, and then click End Task.

The problem occurs only when the HP OfficeJet Series 300 Device Manager (Hpodjman.exe) is running. The HP installation process sets up a shortcut in the Startup folder that runs "Hpojdman.exe /AUTOPROMPT." This causes Hpojdman.exe to run in the background.

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Solid Black Page When Printing a Fax

When printing out a fax, all you get is a solid black page. What you need to do is go into the properties for the printer and change the settings from Colour or Automatic to Greyscale.

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HP Scanjet Scanner

If you are having problems getting an HP Scanjet scanner and an HP printer to work together, try the following,

Close all applications, go to Start and Run and insert the HP Scanner CD, type in D:\SCANJET\DISK3\PLSTOP32.EXE and press Enter. When the HP Polling Driver appears it will say the Polling Driver is enabled, do you want to disable it, say Yes. If its a Deskjet 540, 600 series or 800 series Printer then do this next bit as well :- Go to START and RUN again, browse the Windows\System folder for either HPVCNFIG.EXE (for DJ540) or HPFCFGxx.EXE (DJ 600, 660, 680 690, 820) or HPRCFGxx.EXE (DJ 850,870). The xx refers to a number depending on the model of Printer. When you find that file, double click it and Run it. It should then say This program will modify your INI files will appear. Continue that, uncheck the box labeled 'Bi-Directional Communication' and uncheck the box 'Print Cartridge Option'. Select OK and restart Windows. The Printer and the Scanner will now work in harmony together.

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DJ820cxi - Printing Errors

When you try to print, you get frequent communications errors, along the lines of "Error Occured During Printing", or "Computer Cannot Establish 2 way Communication", try the following -

Firstly make sure the printer port in Device Manager is not to ECP, if it is then reset it in the BIOS to either Bi-Directional, SPP, or EPP.

If that doesn't cure it, then run the program HPFCFG04.EXE which should be in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. When the first screen appears, click on continue to run the program. In the Windows that appear, remove the tick from "Enable Bi-Directional Communications". Click on Ok to save the changes, and restart the computer when prompted.

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