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Epson EPL-5600

As EPL-5600 supports up to 57600 bps via serial, how can the PC and printer communicate if MS-DOS only limits the baud rate setting to 19200 bps?

The Utility disk contains the HSERIAL.EXE file which configures the PC to transmit 57600 bps via the serial interface. eg. HSERIAL /P=1 /B=576, where P refers to the port, in this case COM1 and B refers to the baud rate.

Can the printer emulate the gray scale quality of a 1,200-dpi typesetter?

Yes, but with the Optional EpsonScript Level 2 Board installed. The EpsonScript Level 2 board not only enables the EPL-5600 to print documents formatted for Adobe's PostScript Level 2 printer description language, it also can print as much as 77 gray scales, which is equivalent to 1200 dpi.

How does Autosense work?

The Autosense is a feature of the EPL-5600 which enables multi-users to share the printer directly without the use of a data switch box. The EPL-5600 supports up to four interfaces; parallel, serial, LocalTalk module and an optional interface card. Depending on the type of optional interface card installed, the printer is able to interface directly with various types of host devices and environments. With Autosense, the printer automatically detects the source of the data and dedicates all the printer's available memory to the print job.

How does one set an overlay, a function that comes with the EPL-5600 printer driver for Windows 3.1?

The way to set an overlay is simple. All you have to do is to set the Overlay in the driver by giving it a name. Then the subsequent printjob will be memorized as an overlay by the printer. In the event, you want an overlay on each page of the document, you can activate the overlay in the printer driver Setup function.

What does the PAGE PROTECT function do?

The Page Protect function sets the page size so that the printer protects sufficient memory area for producing a page image. Most applications function correctly with PAGE PROTECT set to OFF. If the printer displays the PRINT OVERRUN, select the paper size for your job. If the message persists, you might then have to increase available memory by reducing other memory use (by downloading fewer fonts, for example) or by adding optional memory.