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Epson EPL-5500

Can the EPL-5500 achieve PostScript while printing using the At Work Printing System?

No. The At Work Printing System and the EpsonScript SIMM are options and as there is only one ROM SIMM slot, only one option is available at a time.

How does one connect the EPL-5500 laser printer to a Macintosh ?

Either via the optional LocalTalk/Serial Module or via the optional Type B LocalTalk Interface Card (C823122). If the user wants to install the Type B LocalTalk card, he has to install the optional Type B interface Extension Box first. The Macintosh user will then either choose to use the EpsonPrint! driver or the EpsonScript driver if the EpsonScript Level 2 kit is installed.

How does the Microsoft At WorkTM Printing Software work?

At WorkTM is a digital office environment promoted by Microsoft Corporation and At WorkTM Printing Software (AWPS) implements the required printing environment in a system comprising a PC and printer. The AWPS Windows driver can only be used when the Option kit for Microsoft At Work Printing Software is installed. The AWPS consists of a printer driver(WPS printer driver) which runs under Windows, and a page descriptor language which runs on the printer, and these must be used as a pair. The bidirectional parallel interface is used between Windows (PC) and the printer (other interfaces can be used depending on the setting) and the printer driver sends data to be printed while checking the status of the printer and displays the status on the Windows screen.

How can the memory of the printer be upgraded ?

The printer comes standard with 1MB of RAM and is expandable to 32 MB for graphics printing and for use with the multple interface option. The memory of the printer can be increased by installing SIMMs modules which can be purchased from various vendors. The SIMM modules must match the following specifications:

  • 72-pin type for PC or Macintosh in one of the following sizes : 1,2,4,8,16 or 32 MB
  • Access speed of 70 ns or less
  • Within following dimensions : 108 x 26 x 10 (mm)

I purchased a EPL-5500 and it comes with a printer driver. While running c:\install under Windows 95, I was not able to find the model on the list of printers. Therefore, I selected the nearest one EPSON EPL-5200 (PCI) to install but was not able to print after that. Why is this so?

To correctly install the driver for EPL-5500, user should run c:\install /m instead of c:\install; and then select ‘English (UK)’ as the language and country of purchase. You should be able to identify the model, EPL-5500 and printing will resume without any problem.