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Epson EPL-3000

How does one set an overlay, a function that comes with the EPL-3000 printer driver for Windows 3.1?

The way to set an overlay is simple. All you have to do is to set the Overlay in the driver by giving it a name. Then the subsequent printjob will be memorized as an overlay by the printer. In the event, you want an overlay on each page of the document, you can activate the overlay in the printer driver Setup function.

What does the PAGE PROTECT function do?

The Page Protect function sets the page size so that the printer protects sufficient memory area for producing a page image. Most applications function correctly with PAGE PROTECT set to OFF. If the printer displays the PRINT OVERRUN, select the paper size for your job. If the message persists, you might then have to increase available memory by reducing other memory use (by downloading fewer fonts, for example) or by adding optional memory.

How does one connect the EPL-3000 laser printer to a Macintosh when there is no serial port or an option for a LocalTalk module?

Although there is neither a standard serial port or an option for a LocalTalk Module, the printer can still interface with a Macintosh via the LocalTalk Interface Card (C823122). The Macintosh user will then either choose to use the EpsonPrint! driver or the EpsonScript driver if the EpsonScript Level 2 kit is installed.

What is the lifespan of the EPL-3000 toner cartridge ?

The lifespan of the EPL-3000 toner cartridge is up to 4500 pages under the following conditions : Letter or A4-size paper , continuous printing and 5% print duty. The number of pages you can print with an imaging cartridge varies depending on the type of printing. If you print a few pages at a time or print dense text or mostly graphics, your cartridge may print fewer pages.

Under Windows ,which driver should be selected for EPL-3000 ?

The EPL-3000 has its own Windows 3.1 driver, packaged with the printer. The driver enables it to print 300 x 300 dpi and allows the user to change some of the settings of the printer remotely.

For DOS applications, which driver should be selected ?

The recommended printer driver to use is the Laserjet 4 or 4L printer. However, if you do not have, you may use the HP III and II family.

How can the memory of the printer be upgraded ?

The printer comes standard with 1MB of RAM and is expandable to 5 MB for graphics printing and for use with the multple interface option. The memory of the printer can be increased by installing SIMMs modules which can be purchased from various vendors. The SIMM modules must match this specification,

  • 72-pin type for PC or Macintosh,
  • Access speed of 70 ns or less
  • 32 bits or 36 bits per word
  • Within following dimensions : 36 x 108 x 10 (mm)