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Epson Stylus 400

Product Controls: Epson Stylus 400

Reset - Pause + ALT + Load/Eject

Cleaning Cycle - ALT + Pause

Self-Test - Font + Power Switch

Hex Dump Mode - Load/Eject + Font + Power Switch

Demo Page - ALT + Power Switch

Default Setting - Pause and then ALT for second page

Clear Buffer - ALT + Load/Eject

Install Cartridge - Pause and then press ALT for 5 seconds (until carriage moves to the middle of the printer), install cartridge, press ALT to start cleaning cycle, press ALT to return carriage back to middle position, press pause to place printer online and ready to print.

What are the Epson Spool Manager and Epson Despooler?

The Epson Spool Manager manages special spool files called "journal" files. These contain the print data in an unprocessed form. The Spool Manager sends this data to the Epson Despooler for processing. The Despooler processes the data in segments, called "bands". Once a band is finished, it is sent to the printer for printing. While the printer prints, the Despooler works on the next band.

My printer will not power up when the cable is connected to by PC?

Power the Computer off and disconnect printer cable from the back of the printer. Power the printer off and back on again to verify that the printer will power on without the printer cable connected. Reconnect the printer cable and turn on the computer first and then turn on the printer. If the printer does not power up, try exchanging the printer cable by purchasing a fully shielded parallel printer cable. You can also try moving the printer and the cable to another computer. If the printer successfully powers on, you may have a problem with the parallel port on your computer. However, if this condition persists, there could be a problem with the parallel port on your printer. Take the printer to an Epson Authorized Service Center.

Why can't I print from one particular windows application, but I can print fine from other Windows applications?

Make sure that the correct printer driver and port are selected within the application that is not printing. Try printing again. If the problem persists, select the LQ570 printer as an alternative printer driver and try printing again. If the results are still unsuccessful, open the Windows Write program and try printing again. If you successfully printed from Windows Write,contact the software manufacturer.

My printer will not print from any DOS applications but will print from windows.

Try printing from the DOS prompt "C:\>", by entering "DIR >LPT1". If nothing prints, try printing to the LPT2 or LPT3 port. If successful, check the printer driver selection within the software program. Make sure the LQ or Stylus 300 driver is selected. Make sure the printer is set on the correct LPT port setting (the port should be set to the successful LPT port used from the DOS prompt LPT1, LPT2, LPT3).

After replacing the ink cartridge and the printer run through the motions of printing, however there is no ink printed on the paper.

Ensure the proper procedures for installing an ink cartridge was done. Next, perform at least two cleaning cycles (hold down the ALT and the Pause button on the printer panel to initiate a cleaning cycle). Print out the demonstration page (press the ALT button while applying Power). If the problem persists and there is no improvement, take the printer to an Epson Authorized Service Center.

My "Data" and "Paper Out" lights are flashing, how can I clear my printer ?

Initiate a ROM reset (press Pause + ALT + Load/Eject while applying power to the printer). If the problem persists, take the printer to an Epson Authorized Service Center.

My printer will not power on even if the printer cable is disconnected.

Remove the printer cable and unplug the printer from the power source; surge protector, power strip or outlet. Connect the power cable in a different outlet and power the printer on. If the problem persists, take the printer to an Epson Authorized Service Center.

My output appears faded. How can I improve the quality

Make sure the economy light is not selected. If the economy light is not on, perform two cleaning cycles. Try printing the demo page to see if printing has improved. If printing has not improved, try using a fresh pack of paper. If this does not eliminate the problem, replace the ink cartridge.

My printer is performing continuous cleaning cycles when the unit is powered on. How can I clear this problem.

Try a performing a ROM reset (press Pause + ALT + Load/Eject while applying power to the printer). If the condition is still present, reinstall the ink cartridge with the power off. If the problem persists, take the printer to an Epson Authorized Service Center.

Parallel Port Scanners

Sometimes Epson printers have problems working with Parallel port scanners, as the scanner software will conflict with the Epson printer management software. To disable the Epson software,

  • Click on Start / Programs / Epson / Spool Manager.
  • Highlight your printer in the Spool Manager Program.
  • Click on Queue, then Setup.
  • Under the General tab, make sure there is a check in the box "Use Print Manager for this Port".
  • Click on Ok, then Queue, then click on Exit.
  • Click on Start / Settings / Printers.
  • Highlight your printer, then click on File and then Properties.
  • Click on the Details tab, and then click on Port Settings.
  • If there is an X next to "Spool MS-DOS Print Jobs" then click on the X to deselect it.
  • If there is an X next to "Check Port State Before Printing" then click on the X to deselect it.
  • Click on Ok, then click on Ok again.
  • Close any open Windows down, then Reboot the computer.