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Epson DFX-8500

Product Controls: EPSON DFX-8500

Printer's Self-Test (with printer set to ESC/P mode) - LF/FF/LOAD + Power-On (Draft) or TEAR OFF + Power-On (NLQ)

Hex Dump Mode - LF/FF/LOAD + TEAR OFF + Power-On

Default setting printout - Press PAUSE + Power-On

Microfeed Forward - Press MICROFEED UP arrow button to move the paper forward.

Microfeed Backward - Press MICROFEED DOWN arrow button to move the paper backward.

Factory reset - Press PAUSE + TRACTOR SELECT + Power-On

Why does my printer print garbage from MS-DOS and Windows?

When a printer prints garbage, it usually indicates a faulty cable or a loose connection. Power OFF your printer and computer. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on the printer and computer. Once the cable has been reconnected, power the printer and computer back ON. Try printing from MS-DOS. If you are still getting garbage, change the cable. We recommend getting a fully shielded cable, preferably 6 feet or less in length. If you are still experiencing problems after changing your cable, you may have a computer or printer port issue. If you take the cable and printer to another computer and it works fine, have your computer's port checked by an authorized dealer. If it still gives you garbage from another computer, have the printer taken in to be serviced.

What is the recommended duty cycle for the printer?

The specification recommended is 25 percent. Epson America's definition of a 25 percent duty cycle stands for the printer printing (not idle) for two hours per day based on an eight hour day at 22 days per month.

Can the printer be connected to IBM mainframe (IBM 3270) and IBM minicomputer (AS/400 or System 3X) environments?

Yes, the printer uses Type-B Twinax and Coax interface cards that enable users to attach their printer to an IBM 3270, System 3X, or AS/400. The Twinax and Coax interface cards are available through EPSON Accessories.

The printer is not starting printing at the right position on the paper. How can I change the top-of-form setting?

You can change the starting print position by using the MICROFEED feature on the printer's control panel. Load your paper and wait until it stops feeding. Once it has stops press the TOF button to enter top-of-form mode. Then use the MICROFEED UP arrow or MICROFEED DOWN arrow to adjust the top-of-form position. The printer will beep continuously and will not move anymore when it has reached the maximum adjustment point. Once you have the paper where you want it, press the TOF button again.

What printer driver should I use if the DFX-8500 is not listed?

DFX-5000+, DFX-8000, DFX-5000, FX-870/1170, FX series, LX series, RX series, or MX series.

Will this printer emulate an IBM Proprinter?

Yes, the DFX-8500 has a built-in IBM 2380+ and IBM 2381+ emulation.

How is the EPSON DFX-8500 printer different than the DFX-8000 printer?

The DFX-8500 is faster, handles up to seven multipart forms (1+6) and includes eight built-in bar code fonts ( EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-B, Code-39, Code-128 and POSTNET). It accepts Type B interface cards and works with the new optional perforation cutter. The DFX-8500 has an auto interface mode function which provides the ability to be connected to more than one interface at a time. Also, for Windows 95 or 98 users there's a new paper memory utility which allows you to preset paper size, type and paper path for up to eight different forms and two special paper types.

Can the printer be connected to an Ethernet network?

Yes, by adding an optional (internal) EPSON Multiprotocol Ethernet Print Server board (C823572), the printer can be directly connected to an Ethernet network as a print server. With the printer's Status Monitor capability, users are alerted when errors occur and receive printer status and trouble shooting information.