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Epson AP-3250

When printing multi-page documents, what would cause the AP-3250 to print the first page correctly but print too low on the following pages?

This difference in print position is easy to adjust in most software application programs. Most application programs have a default page length of 66 lines per page when using 11" continuous paper. Since the AP-3250 uses single sheets of paper, it automatically provides a small top and bottom margin. Since these margins are non-printable area, the AP-3250's maximum number of lines per page when using 11" singe sheet paper is 61 lines. Most software application programs include an option to adjust the maximum number of lines per page. Decreasing the program's maximum number of lines per page by 5 (e.g. 61 lines) should correct for this print position difference.

Why is a ON-LINE/OFF-LINE or PAUSE button not present on the AP-3250's front panel?

The AP-3250 printer was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Because of this, the AP-3250 was designed any unnecessary buttons. The AP-3250 automatically goes into a ready condition after being powered on.

Why does the AP-3250 produce two (2) long and two (2) short beeps when first power-on?

The AP-3250 produces these beeps at power-on to indicate that it has completed its power-on initialization process and is ready to print.

What are the product codes for AP-3250 options and supplies?

Listed below are the product codes for the AP-3250 optional push tractor and ribbon cartridge.

S015032 - Fabric Ribbon Cartridge
C800262 - Push Tractor

What is the advantage of purchasing an optional Push Tractor?

The optional Push Tractor allows the AP-3250 to use continuous narrow carriage paper while still maintaining the ability to use the AP-3250's built-in single sheet paper cassette. When using the optional push tractor, the AP-3250 can accept a two part carbonless multi-part form with a total thickness up to 0.18mm.

What interface does the AP-3250 come standard with?

The AP-3250 comes standard with a built-in Centronics compatible parallel interface.

How do I use the AP-3250 to operate with serial communications?

The AP-3250 only operates with parallel communications.

If a printer driver selection is not shown for the AP- 3250 in my application software programs, which printer driver selection should I choose?

The recommended printer driver selections for the AP-3250 are listed below in order from best to worst.

  • AP-3250 (BEST)
  • LQ-570/1070
  • LQ-870/1170
  • LQ-510
  • LQ-860
  • LQ-200
  • LQ-500
  • LQ-2550
  • LQ-2500
  • LQ-800
  • LQ-1500
  • Generic Epson (WORST)

To take full advantage of the AP-3250's features, including ESC/P 2, choose one of the first three printers listed above. If none of these printer selections are available from within your application software, contact your software manufacturer to determine whether they offer a printer driver update or if they plan to make one available in the future.

What are the AP-3250 printer's rated text mode print speeds?

The AP-3250 printer's print speeds are listed below:

Characters/inchDraft CPSLQ CPSPrintable Cols

Note: CPS = Characters Per Second

Does the AP-3250 use DIP switches?

No, the AP-3250 does not use DIP switches. The various features settings are selected through use of the two buttons on the printer's front panel.

Can the AP-3250 print on labels?

Yes, the AP-3250 can print on labels. The optional pull tractor is used to load continuous labels.

Can the AP-3250 print on envelopes?

Yes, the AP-3250 can print on envelopes. The envelopes are loaded at the rear of the printer by using the printer's manual insertion slot. (Note: The printer must be placed in the upright position first.)

Can the AP-3250 print on legal size paper?

Yes, the AP-3250 can print on legal paper. Legal size paper is loaded at the rear of the printer by using the printer's manual insertion slot. (Note: The printer must be placed in the upright position first.)

Can the AP-3250 print in landscape orientation?

Yes, but the AP-3250 requires the use of a software application program because landscape characters are not included in its built-in characters set. Two very popular software application programs for printing in the landscape mode are Sideways and Always.

Why is the AP-3250's parallel cable connector located on the side of the printer instead of the rear like most other printers?

Since the AP-3250 may be operated in two different positions is was necessary to relocate the parallel cable connector to the side of the printer.

Can different fonts be selected on the AP-3250's front panel?

Yes, different fonts may be selected from the AP-3250's front panel by using the font button. However, all font selections made from the front panel can be overridden by an software application program. The recommended method to select fonts is through the program that you are using to print. If the program does not provide font selection abilities, then the printer's font panel is very useful.