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Canon BJC-600 Printer


Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJC-600 driver is not available.

  • DOS : BJ-200/200e/200ex (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : Epson LQ2550 (LQ Mode Colour/Black)


  • BJI-201BkHC - Black Ink Tank
  • BJI-201C - Cyan Colour Ink Tank
  • BJI-201M - Magenta Colour Ink Tank
  • BJI-201Y - Yellow Colour Ink Tank

Self Test

Colour Pattern : With the Printer switched off, press and hold the FF button, and press the POWER button until the printer beeps. When the POWER light starts to flash, release both buttons. When the POWER light stops flashing, the printer starts to print the color pattern. To stop printing the test, press the POWER button to turn off the printer.

Font Pattern : With the printer switched off, press and hold the PRINT MODE button, and press the POWER button until the printer beeps. When the POWER light starts to flash, release both buttons. When the POWER light stops flashing, the printer starts to print the Font Pattern. To stop printing the test, press the POWER button to turn off the printer.

Nozzle Check Pattern : With the printer switched off, press and hold the ONLINE button, and press the POWER button until the printer beeps. When the POWER light starts to flash, release both buttons. When the POWER light stops flashing, the printer starts to print the Nozzle Check Pattern. To stop printing the test, press the POWER button to turn off the printer.

Serial Number

Location - Cream coloured label on the back of the printer near the power cord
Prefixes - TKL...

Special Paper

  • CF-102A4 - Transparencies. Used for producing overhead transparencies.
  • GP-101A4 - Glossy Paper. Heavier coated paper, used for graphics.
  • LC-101A4 - Coated A4 Paper. Coated paper used for high quality print.
  • LC-301A4 - BubbleJet Paper A4. Lightly coated, water resistant everyday usage paper.
  • FS-101 - Fabric Sheet. Allows images to be printed onto 100% Cotton fabric (Machine Washable).
  • BF-102A4 - Back Print Film A4. Used to produce back-lit displays.
  • HG-101 - High Gloss Film A4. Gives documents a Gloss finish, used for reports/graphics.
  • TR-101 - T-Shirt Transfer. Images can be printed onto the transfer material and then ironed onto T-shirts, Sweaters, etc..

Known Issues

Microsoft Creative Writer

In Windows 95, if you print a card to the Canon Bubblejet 600c printer from Microsoft Creative Writer for Windows 1.0 and 1.1, you may receive "out of space" error messages and may not be able to print the cards. Here is Microsoft's work around:

  • Set the driver to print directly to the printer
    • Click Start, Settings, Printers.
    • Select your printer, then go to the file menu and choose Properties.
    • Select the Details tab, choose Spool Settings, and click Print Directly to the printer.
  • Set the printing resolution.
    • Back in the printer properties again, select the Graphics tab, and set the resolution to 180 X 180.
  • You will then need to switch the Display Adapter Type to VGA.
    • Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel, then select Display.
    • In display click the Settings tab, and choose Change Display Type.
    • Click Change in the Adapter Type section, and click Show All Devices.
    • Now click Standard Display Types in the Manufacturers column; in the Models column click Standard Display Adapter (VGA).
    • Click on OK, Close and restart the computer.

N.B. It might be worth trying each of the above separately, rather than all at once.

What is the efficiency rate of this printer.

Each INK cartridge contains enough ink to print about 200 pages (300,000 characters) in HQ mode, or about 400 pages (600,000 characters) in HS (high speed) mode. Printing Graphics with a 30% ink coverage (7.5% color) per page one set of ink cartridges (4 colors) will last about 135 pages.

All lights are flashing, and page 77 of manual gives error message "Waste Ink Tank Warning".

In 99% of cases, the following procedure will work:

  • Switch printer off.
  • Switch off at mains plug.
  • Hold down PRINT MODE/FORM FEED/POWER buttons simultaneously.
  • Switch mains plug back on.

This should totally reset the machine. If this does not work, then machine needs to be serviced.

Incorrect colours from Windows applications.

Updated driver required from Canon.

Microsoft Word and WordPerfect printing incorrectly with regard to spacings and italics.

New printer driver required.

Printer is switched off during power on sequence.

Interrupting the power on sequence can cause the printer to error. This can be caused by pressing other buttons while initialization. Switch the printer off and unplug the mains lead. Leave for several minutes and switch on.

One of the following error condition occur

  • Both envelope lights come on and flash
  • Error Light flashes ORANGE
  • The remaining 4 other indicator lights on
  • The printer (Col/BW etc) are all lit
  • Approx every 30 seconds the printer gives out a beep

The printer head is faulty, hence the errors being received.

Power and Error lights constantly lit Bk+, Plain, Envelope & Thick lights blinking. Printer will not print at all.

Although the above error light sequence is not listed in the manual, Canon state that IF the printer can be put on line and it will (attempt to) print THAT it is NOT A HARDWARE ERROR. Hardware errors, are indicated by not being able to put the printer ONLINE. The majority of problems they say will refer to the cartridge and/or the print head. In particular the separate Ink Cartridges where the 'sponge' in the cartridge must be in contact with the outlet port to allow capillary action to feed the ink from the reservoir via the sponge to the outlet port. The print head will detect if no ink is present ie: not being fed by the cartridge either because its empty or the sponge is not in contact with the cartridge outlet (cartridge defective). If the cartridges have been checked or replaced or are known to be OK (by trying them on another machine!) then it is suggested that the print head is probably faulty.

Are Print heads consumables?


Error Codes

PowerBeepsErrorOnlineBKCMYEnvThickError ConditionSolution
On OffOn      Ready 
On2On       Paper jam or out of paperAdd paper or remove the paper jam and press ONLINE to continue
On2      BlinkBlinkWASTE INK warningYou can continue printing by pressing ONLINE however the printer isdue for service
On2      BlinkBlinkINK OUT - The printer is out of INK, Note any combination of BK, C, M or Y may blinkReplace or check the ink cartridges that have BLINKING lights - BK = Black, C = CYAN, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow
On3Blink      OnThis indicates Carriage Error (Printhead movement)Requires Service
On3Blink     On Home Position Error (Printhead movement)Requires Service
On3Blink     OnOnEncoder Error
(Printhead movement)
Requires Service,
Though See Notes Below
On3Blink    On  Purge ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink    On OnPaper Feed Motor ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink    OnOn Auto Sheet Feeder Home Position ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink    OnOnOnInternal Temperature ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink   On   WASTE INK is FULLRequires Service
On3Blink   On  OnThis indicates EEPROM ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink On     ROM ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink On  On  RAM ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink   On On Gate Array ErrorRequires Service
On3Blink     BlinkBlinkPrintHead ErrorRequires Service, Possibly remove printhead and reinstall may resolve problem. Any combination of BK,C,M,Y may be be blinking

Notes - Encoder Error

If you receive an encoder error, try the following,

  • Power off the printer
  • Unplug the printer power cord
  • Hold PRINT MODE and POWER buttons and plug in the printer's cord
  • Release the buttons after the tones (beeps)
  • Wait until the printer finishes, and power off
  • Unplug the printer
  • Plug it back in

Print mode is the button below the 4 LEDs (BkCMY)

Waste Error Reset

1: Unplug Power Cord
2: Hold POWER and FF and Print Mode buttons
3: Plug in Power Cord
4: Release after the beeps

DIP Switches

The DIP Switches are located under the main cover on the left side and if viewing from the front switch 1 is on the left, OFF is nearest the front on the top of the machine.

BJ mode

1Paper WidthA4LetterOFF
2Text ScaleEnabledDisabledOFF
3Automatic line feedCR = CR + LFCR = CROFF
4Page Length12" (305 mm)11" (279mm)OFF
5Character SetSet 2Set 1OFF
6Auto Carriage ReturnLF with CRLF onlyOFF
7Alternate Graphics ModeEnabledDisabledOFF
8Not Used  OFF
9Code Page850837OFF
10Not Used  OFF
11Not Used  OFF
12Emulation modeEpson LQ-2550Canon BJOFF

LQ mode

1Paper WidthA4LetterOFF
2Text Scale ModeEnabledDisabledOFF
3Not Used   OFF
4Page Length12 inches (305 mm)11 inches (279mm)OFF
5Character SetGraphicsItalicsOFF
6International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
7International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
8International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
9FontSee Table 2OFF
10FontSee Table 2OFF
11FontSee Table 2OFF
12Emulation modeEpson LQ-2550Canon BJON

Table 1 : International Character Set

CountrySwitch 6Switch 7Switch 8

Table 2 : Font

TypefaceSwitch 9Switch 10Switch 11