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Canon BJC-5000 Printer


Alternative Drivers

Can only print in windows, no DOS support


  • BC-23 - Black Ink
  • BCI-21bk - Black Ink Tank (BC-21)
  • BCI-21c - Tri Colour Ink (BC-21)
  • BC-21e - Colour Print Head
  • BC-22e - Photo Ink
  • BC-29f - Fluorescent Ink

Self Test

Switch Printer off. Hold Power for 1 beep.

Serial Number

Located rear right side corner of printer near power cord

Known Issues

Black Page When Printing Faxes

If when you print a fax, it comes out as a solid black page, go into the printer's properties and set the printer to Mono.

Printing Squashed or Running off Right Hard Side of Page

If your printing is either squashed down the left hand side of the page, or that it runs off the right hand edge of the page the cause is down to the printer not detecting the right colour cartridge in the printer.

What you need to do is go into the Properties for the printer, then into the Graphics tab, and in the Colour Model section, change the setting from Colour to Photo Colour (if it is already set to Photo Colour, change it to Colour).

Printer Properties - Graphics

It might also be worth turning on Cartridge Detection as well.

Printer Properties - Settings

Only Prints Black Text/Graphics When Monochrome Selected

When printing a document with Colour selected in the printer driver and a BC-21e cartridge installed in Holder 1 and BC-23 installed in the HOLDER 2, it will not print any black text/graphics. But when the printer driver is set to monochrome it prints the black text/graphics perfectly.

The BCI-21 Black ink tank is empty. This is because when printing in colour, the BC21e printhead is used for all printing, including black. But when printing in monochrome the BC-23 is used.

Severe: PnP Hardware ID not found in canon.ini - Installation aborted!

When you trying to print to a Canon BJC-5000, you may receive the above error message. This means that the printer driver has not been installed properly. The solution is to reinstall the printer driver.

Error Codes

ErrorPower/Error LEDBeepsSolution
Paper Feed / DeliverySteady2Remove any paper jammed
BJ Cartridge (Holder 1) not detectedSteady3Re-install cartridge or replace it
BJ Cartridge (Holder 2) not detectedSteady4Re-install cartridge or replace it
BJ Cartridge High heat errorBlinks5Let cartridges cool, and retry, if not replace the faulty BJ cartridge
Waste Full WarningBlinks6Waste is almost full, needs service very soon
Service ErrorsBlinks7Requires service, However the following Errors may be corrected
Overheated Printhead / Failed PrintheadBlinks Orange x77May Need Printhead Replacing, see notes below
Overheated Printhead / Failed PrintheadBlinks Orange x87May Need Printhead Replacing, see notes below
BJ Cartridge Not FoundBlinks Orange x97A Cartridge is detected however there is a problem with the communication. May need a printhead replaced, see notes below


In the case of BJ Cartridge Not Found or Overheated/Failed Printhead errors, you need to determine which cartridge/printhead is at fault. To do this,

  • Power on printer
  • Open Printer Cover
  • The Cartridges should center
  • Unplug Printer
  • Remove the printhead from Holder 2.
  • Close Printer cover
  • Replug printer in
  • Swap Printheads into Holder 1 until you have determine with Printhead is causing the error.
  • Replace the failed printhead (BJ Cartridge).