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Canon BJC-4000 Printer


Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJC-4000 driver is not available.

  • DOS : BJ-200/200e/200ex (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : Epson LQ2550 (LQ Mode Colour/Black)


  • BC-20 - Black Ink
  • BCI-21bk - Black Ink Tank (BC-21)
  • BCI-21c - Tri Colour Ink (BC-21)
  • BC-21e - Colour Print Head
  • BC-29f - Fluorescent Ink & Integral Print Head

Cleaning Print Head

Hold down RESUME button for 3 beeps.

Self Test

To test the printer, firstly turn the printer off. Hold the ONLINE button down and press the POWER button. When the unit beeps let go of the ONLINE button.

Serial Number

Location - Cream coloured label on the back of the printer near the power cord
Prefixes - TXR...

Special Paper

  • CF-102A4 - Transparencies. Used for producing overhead transparencies.
  • GP-101A4 - Glossy Paper. Heavier coated paper, used for graphics.
  • LC-101A4 - Coated A4 Paper. Coated paper used for high quality print.
  • LC-301A4 - BubbleJet Paper A4. Lightly coated, water resistant everyday usage paper.
  • FS-101 - Fabric Sheet. Allows images to be printed onto 100% Cotton fabric (Machine Washable).
  • BF-102A4 - Back Print Film A4. Used to produce back-lit displays.
  • HG-101 - High Gloss Film A4. Gives documents a Gloss finish, used for reports/graphics.
  • TR-101 - T-Shirt Transfer. Images can be printed onto the transfer material and then ironed onto T-shirts, Sweaters, etc..

Known Issues

Upgrading to Windows 95

When upgrading from Windows 3.11 to Win 95 there are problems with the printer driver (3.11 version). When reinstalling the Win95 version you may find the BJC4000 is listed twice. Check the Name! The one you want is CANON BUBBLEJET BJC4000, not CANON BJC4000 BUBBLEJET.

Printing Gibberish When Attached to a Packard Bell PC

If the printer is attached to a Packard Bell 9000 Series PC, then go into the Control Panel and then Fonts, and look for the Font WPBOXDRAWING. If it is there, then delete it. Also check that the Canon printer is set as the default printer.

Black Page When Printing Faxes

If when you print a fax, it comes out as a solid black page, go into the printer's properties and set the printer to Mono.

Microsoft Creative Writer

In Windows 95, if you're printing a card to the Canon Bubblejet 4000 printer, your computer may hang, the printer may print a blank sheet of paper, or the printing may hang part way through. Here is Microsoft's work around:

  • Set the driver to print directly to the printer
    • Click Start, Settings, Printers.
    • Select your printer, then go to the file menu and choose Properties.
    • Select the Details tab, choose Spool Settings, and click Print Directly to the printer.
  • Set the printing resolution.
    • Back in the printer properties again, select the Graphics tab, and set the resolution to 180 X 180.
  • You will then need to switch the Display Adapter Type to VGA.
    • Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel, then select Display.
    • In display click the Settings tab, and choose Change Display Type.
    • Click Change in the Adapter Type section, and click Show All Devices.
    • Now click Standard Display Types in the Manufacturers column; in the Models column click Standard Display Adapter (VGA).
    • Click on OK, Close and restart the computer.

N.B. It might be worth trying each of the above separately, rather than all at once.

Error Message : "Internal Error: Colour Adjustment Method will not be available".

Whenever you try to print you get the above message. If you press OK, it prints, but if you press Cancel it says you don't have enough memory to use the printer's driver. The solution is to update the printer's drivers to version 3.93 or higher. The drivers should be available from Canon's Website. Remember to uninstall the previous driver before updating.

The printer will not print from Windows 3.0

Upgrade to a newer version of Windows as the printer driver will ONLY work with Windows 3.1 or 3.11

"Excessive use of ink" with the BJC4000

The majority of problems seem to be the complete use of the black ink tank after about 50 (sometimes less) pages of 'normal' A4 text (eg office letter etc). This could be about right, Canon try not to use the max number of characters per cartridge for life expentancy but rather worked on the basis of 7.5% ink coverage on a page of paper (this equates to about 100+ pages of A4). The recommendation is that the BJC4000 in its standard form is not really a 'letter' type printer but a short run graphics printer. Customers wish to print any quantity of printed text in black only (ie: using the machine an an office printer) that they use the BC-20 cartridge which replaces the printhead, colour and black cartridges on the machine with a single print head and ink tank. This, according to the Canon spec increases the char per cart in HQ mode from 300,000 to 1,200,000 and would also increase the output speed from 173cps to 346 cps in HQ mode. Only drawback when the BC-20 cart runs out, you have to replace the whole unit, not just the ink tank as you can with the BC-21 colour ink tanks.

Not printing correctly from windows or Dos (spurious characters) with BJC4000 print driver also tried win 95 drivers.

Normally when running BJC4000 drivers the DIP switches are ignored, leave the BJC4000 driver installed and using the DIP switches for BJ mode, i.e. BJ mode 1,3,4,7,13 ON (down).

Attempting to change paper orientation to Landscape from within CorelDraw will often cause a GPF when done in response to the 'Change paper orientation' prompt.

The secret is to change to landscape via the printer setup option.

Error Codes

PowerOnlineHSHQErrorBeeperError / CauseSolution
OffOffOffOffOff No Power 
OnOn  Off Ready State 
On   On3Paper Pickup Error  or out of paperAdd Paper or clear paper jam and press ONLINE
On   On4Paper JAMClear paper jam and press Online
OnBlink  Off3 or 4BJ Cartridge is not detectedInstall BJ Cartridge or replace. You will notice the carriage will be in the middle position.
OnBlinkBlinkBlinkOn3Carriage control ErrorRequires Service
OnBlinkBlinkBlinkOn4Cleaning ErrorRequires Service, Try checking to see if something is preventing the cartridge from moving right
OnBlinkBlinkBlinkOn5Temperature Sensor ErrorRequires Service, However it may be resolved by simply replacing the cartridge
On BlinkBlinkOn5Cartridge DisplacedRemove and reinstall cartridge.
OnBlinkBlinkBlinkOn6ROM/RAM ErrorRequires Service
OnBlink  On7Waste FullRequires Service
OnBlink  On8-10Head temperature or sensor errorRequires Service, However it may be resolved by simply replacing the cartridge

DIP Switches

When using Windows , switch 12 should be off

BJ Mode

1Paper WidthA4LetterOFF
2Text ScaleEnabledDisabledOFF
3Page Length12" (305 mm)11" (279mm)OFF
4Character SetSet 2Set 1OFF
5International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
6International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
7International Character SetSee Table 1OFF
8Automatic Carriage ReturnLine Feed = LF+CRLine Feed = LFOFF
9Alternate Graphics ModeEnabledDisabledOFF
10Receive Buffer / Download Memory Size31 kb/41 kb64 kb /0 kbOFF
11Emulation ModeEpson LQ-2550Canon BJOFF
12Auto Emulation SwitchingEnabledDisabledOFF
13Smoothing (720 x 360)EnabledDisabledOFF

Table 1 - Code Page for BJ mode

Code PageSwitch 5Switch 6Switch 7


1Paper WidthA4LetterOFF
2Text ScaleEnabledDisabledOFF
3Not Used  OFF
4Character SetGraphicsItalicsOFF
5International Character SetSee Table 2OFF
6International Character SetSee Table 2OFF
7International Character SetSee Table 2OFF
8FontSee Table 3OFF
9FontSee Table 3OFF
10FontSee Table 3OFF
11Emulation ModeEpson LQ-2550Canon BJON
12Auto Emulation SwitchingEnabledDisabledOFF
13Smoothing (720 x 360)EnabledDisabledOFF

Table 2 : International Character Set

CountrySwitch 5Switch 6Switch 7

Table 3 : Font

TypefaceSwitch 8Switch 9Switch 10