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Canon BJC-210 Printer



AD-300 120vac

Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJC-210 driver is not available.

  • Windows : BJC-210/600/600e/800/4000
  • DOS : BJ-200/200e/200ex (BJ Mode/Black)
  • DOS : IBM ProPrinter X24 (BJ Mode/Black)


  • BC-02 - Black Ink & Integral Print Head
  • BC-05 - Colour Ink & Integral Print Head

Cleaning Print Head

To clean the print head hold down the RESUME button with the printer switched on. Release the RESUME button when you hear two short beeps. The POWER LED will blink during print head cleaning. This should be repeated at least 5 times.

Printer Defaults

Switch printer off. Hold down the power button for the following number of beeps,

  • 6 Beeps - LQ mode for USA
  • 7 Beeps - BJ mode for USA
  • 8 Beeps - LQ mode for Europe, Asia
  • 9 Beeps - BJ mode for Europe, Asia
  • 10 Beeps - BJ mode for UK and Asia

Self Test

Demo Test : Switch Printer off. Hold down power button for 1 beep. Press RESUME to stop.
Status Test : Switch Printer off. Hold down power button for 2 beep. Press RESUME to stop.
Ripple Test : Switch Printer off. Hold down power button for 3 beeps. Press RESUME to stop.
Nozzle Test : Switch Printer off. Hold down power button for 4 beeps. Press RESUME to stop.

Serial Number

Location - Label on back of machine near the power cord
Prefixes - EBS.....

Special Paper

  • CF-102A4 - Transparencies. Used for producing overhead transparencies.
  • GP-101A4 - Glossy Paper. Heavier coated paper, used for graphics.
  • LC-101A4 - Coated A4 Paper. Coated paper used for high quality print.
  • LC-301A4 - BubbleJet Paper A4. Lightly coated, water resistant everyday usage paper.
  • FS-101 - Fabric Sheet. Allows images to be printed onto 100% Cotton fabric (Machine Washable).
  • BF-102A4 - Back Print Film A4. Used to produce back-lit displays.
  • HG-101 - High Gloss Film A4. Gives documents a Gloss finish, used for reports/graphics.
  • TR-101 - T-Shirt Transfer. Images can be printed onto the transfer material and then ironed onto T-shirts, Sweaters, etc..

Known Issues

Printing Gibberish When Attached to a Packard Bell PC

If the printer is attached to a Packard Bell 9000 Series PC, then go into the Control Panel and then Fonts, and look for the Font WPBOXDRAWING. If it is there, then delete it. Also check that the Canon printer is set as the default printer.

Black Page When Printing Faxes

If when you print a fax, it comes out as a solid black page, go into the printer's properties and set the printer to Mono.

Compressed first line in offline test print

When performing an offline self test, the first line is compressed. This happens when the Smoothing feature for Non-Windows applications is enabled. To stop this, disable the Smoothing function using the DOS based BJSETUP utility.

Problems with Cartridge Detection / Slow Printing With BC-02 Cartridge

When using the BC-02 cartridge, printing is very slow. Cartridge detection (or Status Self Test Page) indicates that the cartridge is either BC-05 (Colour) or BC-06 (Photo). To solve this and other problems with cartridge detection,

  • Power off the printer
  • Hold Power for 6 Beeps
  • Release Power

Will not print in colour in DOS Applications

Cannot print in colour even though colour is selected and a BC-21e printhead is installed in the printer.

When printing in colour, make sure that the colour cartridge (BC-21e) is installed in Holder 1, otherwise the printout will be in monochrome. Also insure that the "Print in black ink only" check box is not checked.

Power light flashes and the printer does not work

Try removing and reinstalling the cartridge.

Printer switches itself off after 1 minute

This printer has an AutoShutoff mode, check the printer driver properties via the Control Panel under CONTROL. You can disabled it if you wish, note the printer also has an AutoPower ON mode when a print job is sent aswell.

Error Codes

BeepsCause / ErrorSolution
OffOff No Power 
OnGreen Ready 
BlinksGreen This indicates the Cartridge is not installed or not installed correctlyReinstall the cartridge
BlinksOrange Unknown 
OnOrange1Paper Pickup Error  or out of paperAdd Paper or clear paper jam and press the RESUME button
OnOrange2Paper JamClear paper jam and press the RESUME button
BlinksOrange1 or 2ROM or RAM faultRequires service
BlinksOrange3Cartridge out of positionTry reinstalling or replacing the cartridge if this fails then it requires service
BlinksOrange4Carriage home position errorRequires service
BlinksOrange5Waste Ink FullRequires service
BlinksOrange6Over Temperature ErrorTry replacing the Cartridge if this fails then the printer requires service
BlinksOrange7-10Print position or Cleaning faultRequires service, however try removing the cartridge and make sure nothing is blocking the cartridges movement.