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Canon BJ-20 Printer



AD-150 120 VAC
AD-150 220 VAC

Alternative Drivers

Drivers you can use if the BJ-20 driver is not available.

  • BJ-10e/10sx (Switch 10 & 11 OFF)
  • BJ-130e (Switch 10 ON & 11 OFF)
  • Epson LQ-510 (Switch 11 ON)
  • IBM ProPrinter X24(Switch 10 & 11 OFF)


To charge the Battery (NB-150) -
  • Insure the adapter(AD-150) is plugged in
  • Set the battery switch to ON (I)
  • Hold ONLINE while pressing the POWER
  • Release, the POWER indicator should be flashing

A good battery will take about 10 hours to charge and the POWER indicator will turn off when fully charged. the battery should be good for about 40 minutes. When not using the battey pack, set the Battery switch to OFF (0).


  • BC-01 - Black Ink & Integral Print Head

Cleaning Printhead

  • Method #1:
    • If the ONLINE light is lit
    • Press the < and > keys until the beeps and release
    • Press the keys 2 more times
  • Method #2:
    • Power off the printer
    • Press the < and > together and hold
    • Press POWER until the beep is heard
    • Release all the buttons..

Duty Cycles

Recommended Monthly Usage : 100 pages/A4, or 5 pages per day at 20 days.
Duty Cycle : The life of the printer is 5 years or 6000 pages, whichever is soonest.
The life of the ink cartridge is approximately 700,000 characters (420 pages/A4) at 1500 characters per page. Ink drying is natural, there is no fixing device.
The printer may be stored for a period of up to six months in the correct environment.

Self Test

Cleaning and Gate Pattern Test : Hold down LF/FF and switch the printer on. Keep the LF/FF switch held down until a beep is heard. Place a sheet of paper into the printer and press LF/FF to load it to top of form. Switch it Online Only Power & On-Line are lit. Press Fwd-Adj and Rev-Adj together and immediately press the LF/FF switch before the buzzer sounds. The printer cartridge is cleaned and then the 'gate' pattern is printed.

Ripple Test : Hold down the LF/FF switch and switch on. Keep the Power held until a beep is heard. The Power and Error lights will be on. When two beeps are heard, insert a sheet of paper and press the LF/FF switch to load it. Press the On-Line switch and the printer will start to print the Ripple Test Pattern. To suspend the test print press the LF/FF switch, to quit the test print press the On-Line switch.

Ripple Test Using Sheet Feeder : Hold down the LF/FF switch and switch on. Keep the Power held until a beep is heard. The paper will load and the test will begin.

All Modes Test : This is the same as for the Ripple test but hold the Pitch switch as you switch on.

Serial Number

Location - Case coloured label located on underside of printer
Prefixes - PET, REX...

Special Paper

  • FOLEXTRAN - Folex Transparencies. Used for high quality overhead transparencies.
  • LC-301A4 - BubbleJet Paper A4. Lightly coated, water resistant everyday usage paper.

Points to Note With Transparencies

  • Rotate the paper thickness adjustment dial on the side of the printer as far toward the back of the printer as possible.
  • The printable area is the same as for plain paper.
  • Transparency film should always be fed through the bottom slot of the printer.
  • After printing on transparencies at least two sheets of paper should be fed through the printer to clean the rollers.

Known Issues

Can the printer print in italics?

If your software has an Epson printer driver then select this as directed in your software manual and then set the printer to Epson mode, DIP switches 11 and 12 set to ON.

The print unit is moving but it is not printing or the print quality is poor.

Carry out the cleaning process at least three times. Always make sure that you do this when you have put in a new cartridge.

When loading the paper the Error and Paper lights stay on and the printer will not go Online?

This is because the printers paper sensor cannot detect paper. Ensure that the paper is fed in as close to the edge as possible as shown on the inside of the lid of the printer.

Can the printer be used in other countries where the voltage is different?

Yes, however you need to purchase an appropriate adapter from your dealer: For the USA product number AD-150/120, For mainland Europe product number AD-150/220.

The quality of print out appears very poor sometimes

Given that the paper being used is within the printer specifications, try turning the paper around so that you print on the other side and then clean the print head.

Print head moves, but nothing prints

This usually occurs when a new printer cartridge has been inserted. Run the print head cleaning process which should always be run when a new cartridge is inserted. Place a piece of kitchen towel over the print head and blow in the hole located on the side of the print head. This should force ink through the print head onto the towel. Dab the cartridge with a damp cloth to clear the blockage. Re-seat the cartridge to ensure the connections are correct. Ensure that the printer is switched off correctly. Use the switch on the printer, not the wall socket. This will ensure the print head is closed correctly and does not block up or dry out.

The printer does not print

There are many reasons why it may not print. Listed below are some of the tests you can perform. Run a self test to establish printer is a working unit. If this does not work the printer is faulty. Exit to DOS and print out a text file. EG PRINT AUTOEXEC.BAT. This should then print to the printer. If it does not either there is a printer port, computer LPT1 port or printer cable problem. exchange the cable and try again. Test the printer on another computer. If it does print it is a software problem. If rubbish is printed from the DOS prompt. Again it could be printer port, computer LPT1 port or printer cable problem. exchange the cable and try again. Test the printer on another computer. Ensure that the printer is plugged in and connected correctly.

"Splitting" rows of Text or Graphics

When printing text, a blank line appears halfway doen the page, or when printing graphics, blank lines appear within the image.

To solve this, ensure that DIP switches 2 to 11 are set to OFF. Also make sure the printer port is set to SPP or Normal in the Computer's BIOS.

Paper error light comes on when switching on printer

Take any paper out of the printer and start the printer again. Insert the paper and press on line. Ensure the paper is inserted correctly. Far enough over to the left if no sheetfeeder attached over the right if the sheetfeeder attached. Check the DIP switches are set correctly and the correct emulation has been set on the PC.

Cannot Print in Windows 98

If you cannot print in Wondows 98, make sure that the printer port is set to either SPP, Standard, or Normal in the computer's BIOS.

The reverse button does not work

If a sheet feeder is installed, the reverse feed is disabled.

Error Codes

OffOffOff  No Power StateThe AC Adapter is not plugged in or defective or the battery is not installed
OnOffOnOff2 or 3Out of paper 
OnOffOn ContinouslyPaper Jam or Paper too longRemove Paper Jam. Also make sure Sheet Feed locking levers are set.
OnOffBlinks ContinouslyCarriageTurn printer off and on
OnBlinksOff 5Software relatedTurn printer off and on
OnBlinksOff ContinouslySoftware during printer warmup / RAM ErrorTurn printer off and on
OnBlinksBlinks 3Software related / ROM ErrorTurn printer off and on
BlinksOffOff Every SecondThe battery is recharging 
BlinksOffOff Every 1/2 secondThe battery is lowRecharge the battery
BlinksOffOn ContinouslyLogic Card errorLogic Card error
BlinksOffOn 5Battery is exhaustedTry recharging 2 or 3 more times. If the error persists replace the battery.
BlinksOffBlinks 5Battery faultTry recharging 2 or 3 more times. If the error persists replace the battery.
BlinksBlinksBlinks 3Indicators blink fast, and the printer will turn off after 1 minuteLogic Card error

Paper Out light may be On or Off for most errors and can be ignored except for Paper Out/Jam errors

DIP Switches

Tip : for Windows set ALL switches OFF

BJ Mode

1Reserved  OFF
2Text ScaleEnabledDisabledOFF
3Auto Line FeedCR with LFCROFF
4Page Length12" (305 mm)11" (279mm)OFF
5Character SetSet 2Set 1OFF
6Auto Carriage ReturnLF with CRLF onlyOFF
7Alternate Graphics ModeEnabledDisabledOFF
8Reserved  OFF
9Code Page850837OFF
10Receive Buffer/Download Memory Size3 kb/34 kb37 kb/0 kbOFF
11Mode 1/Mode 2Canon BJ-130eIBM X24eOFF
12Emulation ModeEpson LQ-510Canon BJOFF

LQ MODE (Epson LQ-510)

1Font Style LockEnableDisableOFF
2Text ScaleEnabledDisabledOFF
3Auto Line FeedCR with LFCROFF
4Page Length12" (305 mm)11" (279mm)OFF
5Character SetGraphicsItalicsOFF
6Int'l Character SetSee Table 1OFF
7Int'l Character SetSee Table 1OFF
8Int'l Character SetSee Table 1OFF
9TypefaceSee Table 2OFF
10TypefaceSee Table 2OFF
11TypefaceSee Table 2OFF
12Emulation modeEpson LQ-510Canon BJON

Table 1 : International Character Set

CountrySwitch 6Switch 7Switch 8

Table 2 : Typeface

TypefaceSwitch 9Switch 10Switch 11