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Acer PC Software Issues

ATI Mach64 DriversCannot Access Certain System Icons
Driving InstructorGPF When Printing From Works
MadelineMPEG Quality Poor
Online ManualsPrinting From Encarta
Recovery CDTomb Raider
Voicetype ManualsWin95 Not Shutting Down

Acros - GPF Whilst Printing From MS Works

Every time you go to print from Works (and other programs) you received a General Protection Fault. The problem seems to be magnified in Works however.

In the BIOS, go into System Security change the parallel port from 'EPP' to 'Standard & Bidirectional' on IRQ7. Then enter Power Management and disabled PM on IRQ7. Save settings and exit. And it should work.

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Aspire - Printing Rubbish From Encarta 96

There are 2 fonts at fault and BOTH must be deleted. The fonts are, info15.ttf and info25.ttf. Reboot and everything should work OK.

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Driving Instructor - CTL3D.DLL Missing

Problem: When installing some of the programs that come in the Europress software bundle, the error 'cannot find CTL3D.DLL' - Driving Instructor seems to be the main culprit.

Cause: Video for Windows v1.1 has not yet been installed

Solution: Run the Video for Windows setup which is located in the VFW_311E directory on the Driving Instructor CD.

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Tomb Raider

Some of the Acer's shipped with Tomb Raider have sound working perfectly in Windows but are not set up for sound in the game.Apparently "auto-detect" in the sound set-up does notwork, so...

Put the CD in, then go to My Computer, D Drive, and double click on Sound_Setup

* Select manually configure soundcard... * Select SoundBlaster, A220, I5, DMA1

Click on Continue, then Save Settings.The game should now run with sound.Note :If you click on test it will lock up the machine.

The version of Tomb Raider supplied with some Acer machines is a special edition containing the first six levels of the original Tomb Raider game.

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Sound/Vision Quality of my MPEG Titles is Poor

When the Acer Aspire is first booted up it set to a particular graphics mode, 800 x 600 x 256 colours which will allow the Acer world of MPEG and Sade CD to works at about 10 frames a second. However if the graphics mode is changed, , for example increasing graphics resolutions to high colour for the Aspire Demonstration program then this will slow down the MPEG CDís giving the sense of poor quality music and images.

To ensure you are running at the optimum graphics mode for MPEG titles follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that all WINDOWS 95 applications are closed
  • Click the right mouse button on the Aspire Logo wall paper.
  • Highlight the properties option and press the left mouse button, this will open the Display Options window
  • Select the Settings TAB, towards the top of the Windows that has opened. Ensure the settings are set as :
    • Colour Palette 256
    • Desktop Area 800 x 600
  • Press the APPLY button, followed by the OK button

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Cannot Access Add Printer Wizard, or Network Icon

When trying to add a printer or access the network control panel, neither task will open. A busy cursor may appear for a brief second. The primary reason for this is that the Windows 95 Registry is not configured properly.

Download PRINTWIZ.EXE from Acer's website to configure the Windows 95 Registry.

Click on Start and then Programs. Select the Windows Explorer. Switch to the directory the file PRINTWIZ.EXE was saved to and double-click on it. The files PRINTWIZ.REG and README.TXT will be created. Click the X in the top-right corner of the file creation window to close it. Double-click on PRINTWIZ.REG to configure the Windows 95 Registry. The Add Printer Wizard and Network Control Panel will now be accessible.

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Windows 95 Will Not Shutdown

In some cases when performing a shutdown from Windows95, a machine with a V58LA motherboard will not complete the operation. You may find that the machine will hang at the screen which says "Please wait while your computer shuts down".

The solution for this is to place a jumper over pins 2-3 of connectorCN26.

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Backing up the ATI Mach64 GT video drivers

When backing up the Mach64 GT video drivers on a preloaded system running Windows 95, some machines will ask you to insert a disk labelled driver disk 13. When you insert this disk and continue the backup process an error will occur.

The Mach64 GT backup set consists of 12 disks, so the drivers have already been completely backed up and this error can be safely ignored.

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Acer Recovery CD

System Doesn't Correctly Bootup

The Aspire CPR set is a CD ROM and boot diskette designed to restore all the preloaded software as delivered directly from the factory. This very important tool can be used by you if you have software problems and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The first release of the Aspire CPR set Version 1.0, was designed to be used on the Acer quad speed CD only which was available on sale in February and early March 1996 in the United Kingdom. However in improving the performance of the Aspire system, Six Speed CD ROM's were introduced in April 1996. Following the introduction of the Acer six speed CD ROM a new Aspire CPR boot floppy is required to correctly perform the CPR operation.

If you have used the first version of the Aspire CPR boot diskette and you have a six speed CD ROM then you could have problems with the integrity of software once windows 95 has reloaded.

There is a fix available for this problem, please contact your original supplier.

Not Booting Into Windows 95

On some of the earlier Acer recovery sets, the floppy's AUTOEXEC.BAT was designed to inflate the CD's data straight onto the HDD, with no FDISK or FORMAT option.

Therefore, if you think you need to FDISK or FORMAT, press F8 when it says "Starting Windows 95", and choose "Safe Mode Command Prompt Only".When you get to the A:\ prompt, you will need to change to the WIN95 directory (CD\WIN95), and the FDISK and FORMAT commands are in there.

Not Seeing CD-ROM

If when using the Acer recovery CD you may find that after the machine has been formatted it brings up the message 'CD-ROM not found'. Go into the BIOS (CTRL+ALT+ESC) choose BIOS Setup utility, go to fixed disk 2 and set to CD-ROM, you should find that it can now be seen and load it all in.

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Madeline will only run in 256 colour mode.

When you have completed the game you are congratulated by the sound of clapping and cheering. At this point the computer stops.Make sure you are running version 2.30c of sound card drivers if an S23 sound card is installed.

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Online Manuals

Recent machines have been supplied with their User Guide online. This should be backed up using the 'Create System Disk' from the Accessories/System Tools section of the Start menu. This manual is not part of the recovery. If you have already lost the files a replacement can be downloaded from the Acer Website.

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Voicetype Manuals

If your machine came with Voicetype, but no manuals or media, then check if you have the game 'Rebel Moon Rising' installed on your system. This game includes a subset of VoiceType so you can use voice commands with it. Refer to the game's help for further info.

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